First Clyw decisions

I like a non-massive (50-55) throw thats round. Ive decided on either a gnarwhal or a canvas. Can you give me your thoughts on either of the two adrressing things like stability, smoothness, floatiness, how solid it is? Feel free to recommend me anyother clyw throw based on my preferences.


Canvas is a great yoyo, but it’s not one you fall in love with immediately. I’d say you be best off with the other yoyo you chose, the Gnarwhal. It’s small, but is still a great player.

Gnarwhal is alot more simple and easier to like in my opinion. Foolproof.

The canvas is legit but it is unforgivable. Puffin is solid not sure if that fits ur description cuz i forgot it already.

Can’t forget about the bvm2 since that’s undersized I believe. At least hte original was

It is 55mm ish.

It’s slightly oversized at 56.5 mm. A friend of mine has one.

I wouldnt get either, but if you are stuck between the two id go for a gnarwhal… Avalanche and chief are awesome…

Avalanche is probably my favourite but I think it’s just outside your size range.


Sounds to me the puffin is what you want! Fits your needs it’s stable, smooth, pretty floaty, super solid. Has a round shape and it’s like 53mm.

Puffin is great. So is Gnarwhal, but the Puffin feels at the same time both more floaty and more stable. I think the Gnarwhal feels more solid on throws and is more “adjustable” on the fly (it responds well to being re-oriented if it goes off-axis, but that’s also usually a sign of less general stability).