CLYW throw opinion

Puffin2 or gnarwahl 2??

Haven’t had the chance to own one of those or tried them yet… :frowning:
I’m sure Dust can help you out :smiley:

Paging Dust!

I cant say (yet) since my Gnarwhal 2 hasnt landed in the mailbox! However it should be here on thursday :smiley:

I am a pretty big fan of the puffin2 however. Its a great size, smaller than alot of other CLs, and mostly O shape feeling in the hand. Its one of the best “do-anything-all-day” kind of throws. Its kind of what ever you want it to be, fast, slow, built for horizontal, decent rim weight, not too wide, just really comfy for me. Your bones might be different, but this one hits that sweet spot on so many levels, i really feel its an under touted contender. Its underrated to say the least.

I could find very little about the Puffin2 before I got mine and kinda felt like I was going out on a limb, but boy am I glad I did. It gets played more than any others right now, and out of the 9 (10 if your count the soon to be gnarwal 2) CLYWs i own and play and love, I would never get rid of my puffin2. Its simply outstanding in its flexibility and well rounded design and execution. It may look “meh” in its cup, but on the string, its really close to being a perfect every day throw, from the bedroom to the spotlight, it can really do it all.

The Gnar is said to be like the Sasquatch’s little brother, and the Sas is GREAT! the thought of a smaller Sas is exciting to me since apparently i really like the undersized ones like the WM2 and Puffin2.

So if you dig the slightly smaller ones, both should be winners. I cant say much more about the Gnar yet, but CL knows what they are doing. The coin isnt heads-tails, rather its win-win. :wink:

Thanks for the tip! I love my Sasquatch as well. The guy I’m getting from is letting my try both. Never a good move as I may end up with 2! I’m leaning towards gnar as it’s supposed to be more stable and solid vs the slightly more floaty puffin. Probably would be fine with both. like the color way on the gnar better too! LEt me know what you think once the gnar arrives though