Ok I'm stuck. I'm not a very decisive person.

So I posted a ton of this yoyo or this yoyo threads last week. Found that it didn’t help me much cuz I have this horrible indecisive mind that even when I’m dead set on something Idk if I really want it. I just tried to go back to my first metal(dv888) to help me figure things out. Ended up stripping it when I tried to fix it. Then I grabbed my puffin and had this “I love you so much” feeling as soon as I threw it. Before that I was stuck between the gnarwhal, comeback avalanche, and a last run canvas. As you can see, I’m not jumpin any higher than 55 mm on this. I saw the gnarwhal 2 and just idk, didn’t like it. So I’m tryin to figure out, which of these is a competition puffin, and which plays like the puffin? Then we’ll make a decision based on that. I’m tryin to stay with clyw, but g2, onedrop, and ILYY are ok too as long as yye has it in stock.

If you’re not going higher than $55, then you need to choose a different brand.

The only thing that plays remotely like a Puffin is another Puffin, and that’s way above $55. Otherwise, hit the CLYW store and search for their Fools Gold models, which are still over $55, but at $60, I think you can afford the difference.

55 mm…

Take a look at the G2 Quake. It’s actually pretty interesting to me and is under 55mm and the cascade from onedrop is awesome as well. Keep in mind that most throws under 55mm don’t fit into the competition ready category. As for the throws you listed from clyw I’d say the avalanch is closest to being competition ready with the canvas and gnarwhal tying for 2nd since they’re both not competition ready at all. The canvas plays extremely slow to me and the gnarwhal isn’t very stable. I’ve tried all 3 and loved the avalanche. I did have a pali puffin gnarwhal which was a blast because of the rifle marks but haven’t seen one on here in a while. The cascade has an awesome feel on the string as well and I can’t say anything about the quake since I haven’t thrown it.

More help

I have a puffin and the closest thing to it that I had was a cascade, the only reason I traded it was because I had a puffin.

The Puffin is a competition Puffin. It was designed with Palli for him to use in you ready for this competition. If you like the Puffin stick with the Puffin

I’m also lookin at the fireball yelets and hair band Sakura se