CLYW recommendation.

Im looking to buy a new return top after the holidays. At the moment Im looking at the entire 2014 line up, but mainly at the Puffin2, Bonfire, Gnarwhal2, and AC2 in that order. Im also looking at the BvM2 and Chief as other main wants.
I have/played with the followings, Gnarwhal, Puffin, Cliff, Chief, Summit, Sasquatch, and campfire.
The only 4 that I don’t own anymore would be the summit, Sasquatch, Campfire, and Chief which I traded for my cliff.
This is a little back ground about me. I played with my Sasquatch the most, thats why Im looking at the BvM2 and Im actually trying to trade my current puffin for a CLYW that I have not had yet or selling it so I can pay for most of the new puffin2.
So…any help would be fine.

Two or four?

Sounds like you want a Puffin 2. That’s what I’d get if I were you. And only a select few have played it and the Bonfire so don’t expect any input on those.

I have heard the Gnar 2 is a bit lackluster, though. But I haven’t played it myself. I have played a BvM2 and I wouldn’t suggest it. With the exception of the 2014 lineup and the Bassalope, I’ve at one point owned every CLYW. The BvM2 just did not feel like a CLYW to me. It felt cold and hard, much like an ex girlfriend after a nasty breakup. It just wasn’t enjoyable to me.

But the Puffin 2 and Bonfire (especially the Bonfire) look very promising. I’m almost definitely picking up a Bonfire.

Thanks man.

Just a little bump.

The Gnarwahl 2 is anything but lackluster. I’ve been working on posting a full review but the Gnarwahl 2 is 100% amazing. 100%. The weight distribution is some of the finest most ingenious yoyo design I’ve experienced in a really long time. It is slightly bigger and wider than the original Gnarwahl and the little bit of added rim weight just makes it push and push and push through combos like a midsized yoyo has never done before. I’ve said this before on this forum, I gladly call myself a CLYW fanboy. I proudly own at least one of all Chris’s throws. The original Gnarwahl is my least favorite. The Gnarwahl 2 may be my MOST favorite. The hype surrounding the AC2 is justified. It’s Zach’s throw, he’s extremely gifted and entertaining and the AC2 is more of a “modern” type competition throw. Since they released the same day I’m sure more people have purchased an AC2 and more people are interested in the AC2. That being said the Gnarwahl 2 is the most fun I’ve had with a yoyo in my hand in a while. I’ve already logged more hours on my Gnarwahl 2 than I ever did on my BvM2 which I’ve had since May. It is mildly undersized so it may not be for everybody but the Gnarwahl 2 is not to be scoffed at or toyed with. It’s a serious contender and means business.

Sorry for going off topic. To the OP, it does sound like you may want to hold out for a Puffin 2 when they drop in January. I agree with that statement. I prefer the Sasquatch over the BvM 2 so I don’t necessarily consider the BvM2 to be an upgrade over a Sasquatch…those Puffin 2s look like they’re going to be quite the return top…


Thanks man, all these little bits of information rely do help. At the moment I’m jumping from the bonfire and gnarwhal2 because I rely did not like the puffin and could wait for a fg or get one from the forum…sorry Palli. As for the BvM2…I’m still on the wire about getting 1.
So ya, thank guys for your help.

I have not heard anyone comment about the lack luster nature of the Ganrwhal 2. I find it to be an excellent mid-sized yo-yo. Play one and get back to us. You said it yourself, you have played quite a few CLYW models and I would like to see your take on the Gnarwhal 2.

Gnarwhal 2 is an Agile light but solid throw with amazing spin times.

AC2 is from I’ve heard floaty and a really chill throw that is great for competition.

Bonfire is a nice fun flowing yoyo that is floaty and has a great shape.

Puffin 2 is a very solid very light and wide yoyo with an amazing shape, that is suppose to play like a competition monster.

lol. No wonder it’s the only modern CLYW I haven’t owned aside from a Campfire or Cliff (I sincerely doubt I’m missing anything). I have enough cold and nasty ex gfs in real life, I don’t need one on my BST nagging at me asking why I bought/traded for it too.

As someone who was utterly disappointed with the Gnarwhal and wondered why in the world he even bothered buying a Gnarwhal 2, I gotta say…one of my better retail purchases in the past year, by far. It’s great, I love it. Possibly my favorite midsized yoyo ever but it’s too soon to be certain.

In my opinion the AC2 is a slight improvement over the AC (for me it feels like it takes the things from the Summit that I preferred to the AC and left behind the things that I didn’t like about it) but by no means is it a “WOW WHERE HAS THIS YOYO BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” feeling so much as a “yeah, this is what I expect from a ‘sequel’ to an already great yoyo” feeling. The Gnarwhal 2 was definitely a “o hai there. Where were you in 2010 the first time I bought you?” purchase.

The Bonfire looks very neat and I’m excited to try mine when it arrives but I have to say as far as performance goes for a very skilled player (not me!) the Puffin 2 looks like the biggest workhorse of their 2014 lineup. I happened to like the Puffin quite a bit but for those who didn’t care for it, I wouldn’t let that factor into my Puffin 2 decision at all, as they appear to share little to nothing aside from their names.

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Thanks man, I did love the puffin. It was small, wide, plays…different, and had some cool weight placement to it. I did talk to Palli about the puffisn for quite some time and he did say a lot of great things about the new1 that the first was lacking. So I’m also on the wire with it.
Bonfire only because it almost 95% the same size as the chief and want to get another throw that’s like the chief.
All this info is rely truly helping. At first I only thought 1 or 2 members were gonna reply but I’m shocked to see that I’m getting so much help^^…

Just wondering but have you tried anything besides clyw? Looks like that’s what most of your collection consists of and it might be nice to add some variety

I played all of the OD up till the 54. I also played midsized YYRs, 1or 2 TPs, favored ILYY for quite some time, and a C3 Halo. I’m still looking to throw some newer ODs and try some Gernral-yos. I’m looking for a berserker rx as well.
I myself did not take likeing to YYF do to lack of quality metal. I would say if they used the same metal as TP, then it would be a better player for me.

I got to luckily try the Puffin 2 prototype…

Its not full sized. It snagged, but that’s said to be normal with prototypes?

It was light, and did not feel super rim weighted.

It did feel great in the hands…

So that said, is the puffin2 a still a interesting throw. I do like something that fits in the hand quite well but I prefer my weight on the rims instead of evenly spreaded from wall to rim or just up to the middle.

As for the first puffin, I found that the weight placement was a little odd being from the wall to midway to the rim and then it just thins out to make it wider. All of what I said is not to put the puffin down but like I said, it just dit not feel right to me. I do like the fact that it spins fast, floats with ease, and how the wow factor plays in when trying your favorite trick…but I also did not like how it felt like the speed, as it flew through the air, at times felt like it had a limit to it, and as for the catch vone, I felt like it traps the string and does not allow it to crawl up the wall like the CLIFF, Canvus, etc. Sure this did allow for a great throw after a bind but I found myself only using thin short string instead of thicker longer string that I’m used to playing with.

What I’m trying to get at is that if the new puffin evolved to replace the problems I just went over then I would put that back on my top pick…Wow, it looks like a made a little review here instead of following my topic, sorry, but I’m guessing those who have played it would be able to help out,Bcmaddog.

Thanks guys.

Puffin2 and the GW2 are the closest of the new line, with specs being really super close.
They share the same diameter and are less than a half gram away in weight and the puffin2 is a 1-2mm wider. They play completely different! I’ll compare the two for you guys.

Gnarwhal2> feels heavier,not as fast,harder to control at high speeds,more stable,feels more solid,tiny bit longer of a sleep time,not as wide

Puffin2> feels lighter,easy to control at high speeds(especially horizontals),faster,long sleepers,tiny bit wider,feels a bit more floaty while still having a solid feel.

Both are really good CLYW choices for competing. If you don’t go too fast(think harold owens) I’d recommend the gw2 actually over the Puffin2.

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Man… how the heck would you know the differences between these two yoyos? :wink:

(I’m kidding people, put down the torches)

Thanks for giving us some insight on how these two compare. The new Puffin looks killer and I was curious how it stacked up to the Gnarwhal 2. It was cool hearing Chris’ story about how you were able to actually collaborate through Skype on the the new design.

Thanks again Palli, you rely saved me again. It’s always a honor to hear from you, wether it’s about throwing the puffin or talking about pizza. Also thanks you replying on my post, not only did you help me out but all those who pass by this post.

I tip my hat to you and to all whom helped me. I have came to a conclusion on what I’m going to pic and they are the puffin2 and the gnarwhal2. I will be doing a coin flip after Christmas because I know ether 1 will make a fine purchase. So my final words will be thank you all and fill free to use this post as a gait way to add info for all who pass by this post for help.

Man, I should have said something cooler as my last wordsXD.

Hahaha, way too much real life in this thread. Dem feels…

This has all been very useful, it’s awesome to have people like Palli, Strobyn and those who have tried the prototypes to come on here and give such useful feedback.

I was semi-considering the Gnar2 myself because I like a good stable, long spinning throw, but I also like to go fast and have been trying to work on my speed, so I think I’ll be going for the Puffin2.

Oh, and personally I loved the BVM2, but then I guess that’s the magic of personal preference. :stuck_out_tongue: