Puffin or Cliff?

I’m getting a CLYW and I was wondering which one you like better and why I really dont have many preferences because I’m rather newer to throwing (almost 4 months) I really like my Majesty is all I really have to say

Puffin if you like pure performance and mediocre spin times. Cliff if you like really oversized yoyos(chief can fit in the cliff) and performs okay and sort of floats. ;D
Thank you’s would be appreciated <3

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I personally like the cliff better. It just feels more solid on a throw and is overall great for anything . When i tried the puffin it was too floaty for me. But note the cliff does have a very jagged shape, not the most comfortable

I said Cliff or Puffin tho…

I honestly like the puffin better <3

They’re so different.


Is this another thread by you asking for opinions on two different CLYWs? I’m absolutely confident that you can make your own decision on this one! Do you want small and floaty, or large and kinda floaty?

They’re both so different that you could happily own both if it weren’t for the money. If I were forced to pick just one, today, I would probably go with the Cliff because it’s kinda oddball. I like oddball.

Raw performance wise, the Cliff WILL destroy the Puffin.

I think I’m gonna pick up a Jack Rabbit or 28 Stories Cliff when the 2nd run comes out and when I get the cash get a Puffin off the BST