Which CLYW to get?(not old thread)

Which one?
I am advanced-expert.
I like organic-ish sized yoyos/really floaty.
I like yoyos that are smaller than the chief. ;D
and LONG SPINNING throws <3

If you want smaller than then the chief, then the Cliff isn’t an option. (The Chief can fit INSIDE of the Cliff) The Glacier Express is the complete opposite of a organic throw. It’s an extreme H shape. The Puffin is your best choice. Smaller, Freakingly fun, floaty, and Organic. Thats your best choice for your preferences. Con: Little lacking on spin time, but can be easily fixed.

Thank you . But if I took out organic which would you pick puffin or glacier express? Do you know the Puffins spin time?

2-3 min tops. I would get the Puffin I don’t really like the Glacier. It just seems too slow.

Please don’t say things like this, it just adds confusion. Spin times vary greatly between different players due to skill level, throwing power, and what bearing was used.

My favorite is the Puffin. I thought the GE to be too small for its shape and the Cliff felt ‘lifeless’.

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Yeah, sorry I didn’t think about that, I guess I should of said 2-3 minutes for ME.

If the size of the throw and shape didnt matter which one would you guys pick? ???

Using variant bearings and string
Have a huge effect on the play of the cliff!

My suggestion as you don’t have a finite set of dimension, would be the BVM2. If you are not in love with it and took good care of it turning into something else would not be much of a problem.

Okay, so since the last didnt work out…

If size/h-shape didnt matter which would you pick?

I have not tried the Cliff so I’m not that great of a person to ask. But between the GE and the Puffin, definitely the Puffin for me. I like the look and feel of it better than the GE. It really doesn’t matter which one you get, none of them will disappoint.

The question doesn’t work on most levels. It’s like asking, “If it weren’t for preferences, what’s your preference?”

If you’re throwing out the original preferences of size and shape, what are we left with? Spin time, speed, and stability I guess? Which of these is most important (there are ALWAYS going to be trade-offs due to physics, which is why there’s no such thing as the perfect yoyo!).

All things being equal, I would get the Puffin.

For things not on your list, I’d probably wait for the BvM2. Or see if there are any FG Avalanches left.

But just to reiterate… without isolating what you’re looking for in a throw, all you’re really asking is, “Which of these do you guys like?” which isn’t a helpful metric for making a decision.

There is one thing I don’t like about the Puffin though… short spin times…

Now it is Glacier Express or Puffin(got a glacier express deal’yogi ed’ for $150 and a clare view puffin for $135) <3

I wonder who keeps on voting for cliff when I said smaller than the chief ^^.

Poll is reset! :smiley:

You’re adding to the confusion and you’re probably not going to get any sort of useful results anymore. :wink: If you don’t like the Puffin’s shorter spin times, you’re only left with the GE. And if you didn’t want someone to vote on the Cliff, why was it in the poll? Right from the very first post in this thread, you said you wanted smaller than the Chief…

I say give up on the poll… continue your research another way… and get the one you feel like you want the most. It’s easy!

Well the puffin’s spin times is okay to me.
The Cliff was there because I wasn’t sure which one to get and clearly posted smaller than the chief.
I say do not give up on the poll and continue my research this way.


Glacier Express is quite a great yoyo!

Puffin is too.

For what you want. I’d say go for the GE

Unless you really want Organic
Then I’d say puffin/ canvas(even if it isn’t on your poll haha)

My puffin gets just as good spin times as any other clyw of mine. Maybe because It really likes me???

I would say grab a fg avalanche. Amazing throw for an amazing price. If you are dead set on the clyw brand, I would say the puffin is a solid choice. I was not that fond of the GE, but hey that’s me.

Good luck!

That is funny XD! part of my siggy now <3