I LOVE clyw so I was wondering should I get a avalanche when their still there or should I wait for the puffin, or something different?


It really comes down to personal preference. CLYWs are all great and they each have their little nuances. If you like the looks and the specs of the Avalanche, I say go for it.



In short, the answer to your question is, “Yes.”

Both are going to serve you well and both are gonna have fantastic colors to choose from.

Want a larger gap or wider throw? Go with the Puffin

Like a more angular shape? Go with the new Avalanche

Need to save a bit of $$$? The Avalanche will be a bit cheaper than the Puffin ($120-135ish range vs $140-165ish range)


^^^^ Is true but if you go to meets and know someone has one maybe try to try it out first? If that isnt possible whatever… Just get both… I personally think something is different about this version where it needs the concave bearing. It seems a bit more grippy with a normal bearing… I know the team had complaints with the Chief (#1 run) about the response sticker area being too deep so it was difficult to bind then it went the other way for canvas etc… I would say go with the puffin. I have first runs: Gnarwhal, Chief, Sasquatch, Canvas, Glacier Express: and they all play great. Puffin should too. I hope it comes with a flat bearing.


really, you should get whatever you want. It’s a preference thing.

also, I love WAT-AAH!



Thank you all for your great advice I think I’m going to wait out for the puffin
And thanks yoyo creep hahaha