Gnawhal or Summit

I really feel like getting a clyw throw, which one should i get?

The Summit is fullsized, the Gnarwhal is undersized. The Gnarwhal is really fun and performs great for its size, though i doubt (I haven’t tried the Summit yet) that it will perform as well as the Summit.

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Exactly what Eastfield said; the Gnarwhal is fun and all, but it’s a different kind of throw compared to most full- or mid-sized throws.

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I LOVE my gnar, never have tried the summit though.

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I’ve tried both, the gnarwhal is fun and fast and plays kind of heavy on the string. The summit is stable, not too fast not too floaty, just the right mix IMO. I prefer the way the summit plays over the gnarwhal.

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i love my gnarwhal it does good arm grinds and can be good on the thumb if you throw it slightly tilted but i also never tried the summit. for the price tho id probably get the summit if your going to buy new there is lots of used gnarwhals out there.

my buddy mctron loves his gnarwhal and I tried it and loved it too but the summit I havent tried yet. but either way, you’re getting a CLYW! lucky… :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a solely CLYW made yoyo you can not go wrong with the Gnarwhal. I loved it.

The Summit is a collab between OD and CLYW and is abso-freaking-lutely amazing. It has a great feel in the hand.

This is a tough call. They both play great, so it honestly boils down to two things:

  1. Do you want to keep it pure CLYW… if that even matters?
  2. Do you want a full size or undersized?

Id go gnarwhal