clyw Gnarwal

Hi i was wondering how the clyw gnarwal plays. How big is it compared to like a genesis because i would not like it super tiny like a dv88 but not super big. sorry for being kinda vague

It’s bigger than the DV888 but still quite a small throw.


To me, it’s an “okay” throw along with the BVM.

The only reason I keep my Gnarwal and BvM is for collection reasons.

Gnarwhals are super fun. My favorite clyw to date. Get one.

Oh I love my gnar, If you can get one!

It’s an undersized at 52mm, but it plays amazing. To me, it blows away the dv888, it’s not even a question. I find it’s often my go-to throw for CLYW. I have two of them.

The Gnarwal is 52mm in diameter, the Genesis is 56.
The Gnarwal is in 41mm width, the Genesis is 43.

I don’t like the Genesis, but that’s preferences.

I think if competition was an issue, the Genesis, being full sized, would be a better way to go. However, the Gnarwal is a great yoyo, definitely competition grade stuff, just in a small package.