OD dietz v.s OD burnside

hey guys :slight_smile:
so yeah thinking of getting one but i have no clue witch to get
thanx :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
p.s please reply

If you want a bigger yoyo get a Burnside. If you want a smaller yoyo get a Dietz.

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I can’t help. I am waiting to get my Burnside, but that will ship after some other business is taken care of. But, the Dietz is really nice. Probably one of my more favorite undersized yoyos. Not to extreme, good weight, nice lines, good balance. For my playing ability(not great), it makes me feel like I’m better than I actually am.

Have and quite like both. It really does pretty much come down to your preference about size since they’re both that good. For what it’s worth the Dietz is my favorite undersized and I’ve tried a good portion of the popular alternatives in that price range. From day one it was exactly as responsive as I wanted it to be and it fits the hand better than any other throw I’ve tried. Your finger just slots in the gap perfectly and it feels like you can throw with tons of power because of it. Nothing against the Burnside, but it isn’t my favorite oversized throw. Very good, but it’s no Chief, imo.

On the other hand, stable as the Dietz is, it can’t compete with the Burnside in that way. The Burnside keeps a strong, straight spin noticeably longer when I’m practicing combos on the same bearing. It also plays heavier and a bit slower, which can be good or bad depending on the tricks you like. I prefer the Dietz for technical string tricks because it feels fast and precise, but prefer the Burnside for more flowy tricks like Matrix combos since it falls into a nice, easy rhythm.

So yeah, pretty much about your preference. Can’t go wrong.

I have had both liked the Dietz but not into undersized throws at all don’t know why but my prefrence has changed a lot lately and like full sized throws much more now. So you can guess where this is going. The Burnside. It’s a great yoyo I would not hesitate to get another one personally. Smooth, fast stable. I love it.