Looking for a Long Spinning, Undersized yoyo for VERY technical string tricks!

so ive recently been getting so so technical
that ive out grown my oversized for these tricks!
i use my oversized for body tricks and whatnot
but im lookng for a few Long spinning undersized yoyos to give a go
since my oversized are like, Dreadnoughts, H5s, and stuff
so just a bit big for my tech.
and my undersized are too short on spin time!
(yuuksta, Darkstar, Skyline)
Any suggestions?
Any company is fine by me!
and price limit is up to $250

Thank you all!

The messiah sounds perfect for you. There is still a few in stock here. If not the dietz is great too, its my daily carry right now.

alwayyys wondered!
how does the messiah play?:o

I was going to say Dietz as well. I think the Markmont Next might be too big for what you want, but odds are it would handle it OK. Dietz seems a hair tinier. Looking at some of my collection real fast, how would a Wooly Marmot, Gnarwal or Campfire work?

I got some undersized metals coming in. Slow boat from China, literally.

With a $250 budget, I think your only problem might be “is it in stock”, not affordability.

It plays great it is a little heavy for me but it seems to spin for decades!

I would go with the Dietz

I would say Dietz too. And a CafeRacer. And a Singularity. And then some MarkMont dragon string.

dietz all the way! it is a fantastic yoyo!

Definetly Messiah! All the pros of an oversize throw in a small one :stuck_out_tongue:

I only throw yoyos 50 mm. diamiter. onedrop, string theory and ILYY. I play fast.
With a proper bearing they can spin over 3 min if you just drop it from your hand.
No throw at all.

Bow what yoyo,and what bearing?
I asked for yoyos
Not companies!

Learn to throw harder.

Turning point rt. Spins for days.

If you arent gonna answer myquestion, dont reply?

What bearing would you think I use…

The Ilyy greyhound is an amazing undersize that spins forever and is very nimble

@Sniffyo on twitter

Ofc ofcc!:smiley:

Ive now narrowed to Dietz and, Chico Gullwing!
Which one guys?

My skyline was the longest spinning undersized that I have ever tried other than a messiah. Very good undersized so maby you might need to work on your throw but bearings and string make a diffrence as well. I say if you are unsatisfied with the skyline then by all means go for the messiah. MUCH better performance than the dietz that others are recommending. For me the dietz is ok, nothing special but the messiah has a 12 minute spin time if you just let it sleep. It really is a great yoyo and since you have the money for it I say go get it, hope that helps. Also a big thing is prefrence, alot of people are recommending the dietz and I just wouldn’t, so it is about trying out diffrent yoyos and seeing what you like.

Yeahhh, the Skyline?
i rather dislike it and am looking to get rid of it!
i just really dont like it.
Yeah thats true!
BUt someone said its very soild and plays heavy.
i dont like the feeling of heavy as it hurts my finger ;/

It’s actually quite valid information towards your end goal. Getting a yoyo that meets all your specs won’t mean a hill of beans if you can’t throw it properly and hard enough. Often, that’s really what people need to do is just throw better.

You’re just adding in that you want an undersized yoyo into the equation.