Dont have a clue

hi there

I don’t have a clue what to get…

A OD burnside broken heart (pink with purple and other pink splashes)
A OD dietz (not sure which color way yet)

I like slack tricks, whips and anything that seems complicated… I have a code 1,cheif, wooly marmot ect and I love all of them

Please reply and thanks!

Throw yo

CHeck out the recommendation forum next time (it’s the proper sub-forum for this question)

but no big deal!

anyhow… choose whichever one’s spec’s look best to you. If you still don’t know, just decide on which shape you like better.

If you feel 50/50 on it, flip a coin!

They’re both solid, obviously :wink:

I think the Dietz is better compared to other undersize yoyos than the Burnside is compared to other fullsize yoyos.

The broken heart burnside is A-mazing. And totally underrated for that matter.

cough co cough code cough sorry. Code 2. Dragon slayer.

;D thanks guys I love the colorway of the burnside but love the shape of the dietz so I guess play wins over looks

again thanks :slight_smile: