Should i get the Y Factor or the Dingo?

I’m having trouble choosing :l

whats ur preferances

the dingo and y factor r very differant

smooth/ long spins

Well they’re both high ends but I’ve gotta say, it’s hard to compare both cause the result would be
Y-Factor. They’re both one drop but somehow, Y-Factor is more expensive so there must be a reason…

well i want long grinds? :smiley:

Well, for me, I can’t hit anything in the Dingo. It’s complicated to do technical tricks. It’s also smaller than you think it is.

So help yourself and get a Y-Factor.


Seriously? That’s your contribution? “more expensive so there must be a reason?” So basically you have no idea about either one, so youre gonna spout nonsense that adds nothing to the conversation. Posting just to post isn’t helping anyone. If you don’t have anything useful to contribute, move along.

They’re both great yo-yo’s, but the Dingo is very small and much less forgiving on a bad throw and during tricks. It’s fun to play around with, but the Y Factor is, in my opinion, an all around better yo-yo. Very smooth, Long spinning, plays great. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it, at all.