clyw avalanche

Hey i was wondering how the avalanche plays and how it compares in size to some yyf yoyos.


All clyws are great so yes, the size of yoyofactorys will very, what yoyo is it?

Like a few known ones if possible, SUper star, genesis, proto star, dv888

Similar diameter to all of those,besides Dv888. Width is closer to Genesis or protostar. I would say its shape is similar to protostar, both have nice beefy rims. Plays differently than all of those, for the better in my opinion. Plays nice, not too solid, not too floaty, just right. It can suit an playstyle and trumps all YYF in play (also in my opinion).

Oh sweet thanks man. great to know.

You can not go wrong with the Avalanche. It is the best CLYW yo-yo along with the Chief.

would u recomend the chief over it?

I personally like the Chief more, but I can’t tell you which one you will like more. If anything, get either or. Both are great and the best that CLYW makes.