Which yoyo should i buy?

i am going to buy a yoyo soon but im wondering what to buy, the dark magic 2, avalanche or the DV888

Avalanche and this should have been in the recommendations section

You sound a bit new/uninformed. Looking back on my early purchases and limited budget, I’d say Avalanch is hands down the way to go. I don’t have one, but CLYW products are sort of in a league of their own. I’ve got a DMII and it’s not a bad yoyo. The hubstacks on the DV888 were a bit gimmicky to me at first and still are. I’m not that interested in the change up of play that these can offer. (although they look like they can come in handy on a spacecraft in zero G).

The only drawback to the avalanch if your new is that you’re going to ding it because you’re a noob. Then you’ll go through the 7 steps of yoyo dinging: Crying, self loathing, depression, anger, new yoyo envy, apathy, acceptance of your yoyo despite it’s faults.

Good luck!

Mine! :slight_smile:

I don’t think the dv888 has hubstacks. ;D

Anyways, the dm2 is a good yoyo, but if you have enough money, go for the Avalanche. It’ll take you very far.

All 3 of those will do the job, however, the Avalanche is going to be the best yoyo out of those 3. It all depends on how much money you’re wanting to spend. If you don’t have a limit, get the Avalanche. However, it seems like yoyo’ing might be new to you and if that’s the case, you might want to go with the cheaper option and get the Dark Magic II, just in case you don’t stick with it (hopefully that doesn’t happen). But, if you did buy the Avalanche and ended up quitting or whatever, you could always sell it here on the b/s/t and get most of your money back. When buying new, that’s one huge plus about CLYW’s. They have a very high resell value. Way higher than most brands. Another yoyo in the mid value range that you might want to look at is the YYF Shutter. I don’t have one myself, but, I hear so many very good things about it. A lot of the members here that have the shutter compare it to the higher end YYF models and say that it plays just as good if not better than their Genesis, Superstar, Supernova, or whatever other high end YYF metal they might have. They even say side by side with their other high end YYF’s, the fit and finish and overall quality is right up there with them. It’s made here in the U.S.A. so that has a lot to do with it. Hope this helps and whatever yoyo you end up getting, it’s the practice that matters the most. The yoyo will only help you so much. It’s all about practice and the muscle memory and just repeating the tricks over and over and over again. Good luck, stick with it, and welcome!
P.S. The DV888 doesn’t have stacks. The 888x does. The DV888 can be modded to accept stacks, but you have to have a fhz hubstack kit I believe, and those are very, very hard to find.

There are no hubstacks on the dv888. I think the 888x has stacks.

The dv888 is undersized, small and extremely rim heavy.

DV888 totally worth one of my all time favorite yoyos. You’ll enjoy them all but that’s just my preference.

Ive never tried the dv888 but ive heard that the shutter is 10x better and that the dv888 should be discontinued. Not my words, but im sure its true.

Something like that. The dv888 wasn’t thaaat bad, but it really wasn’t great.

I am biased for the Shutter and against the dv888. The two yoyos have two very different shapes and sizes. Other than being metal, YYF and priced the same, they are really just completely different. Each has its own fanbase. If we’re simply talking “quality/price” type stuff, the Shutter wins hands down. One thing that many people don’t really take into consideration until after they purchase the dv888 is “it’s so small”. It’s just an under-sized, but yeah, compared to most starter yoyos, it’s small. Most people get the dv888 as a first metal due to the affordability. It’s still a good yoyo, despite my bias against it, but I think it’s not an ideal first metal for most people.

I don’t think the dv888 is going to be discontinued for a bit. I think the market constantly introducing low cost/high quality yoyos will force YYF to pull the plug on the dv888.

The dv888 ain’t a favorite of mine, but I am glad I have one. It’s what I like to look at as a reference yoyo. So many people have them. There’s a good number of people who love it, but also a sizable group that dislikes it, even flat out hates it.

For the OP:

Not knowing the skill level of the OP, the Avalanche seems a bit expensive.
The DM2 might or might not be an ideal fit. Depends on the person.
For the money, the Shutter would be a better choice over the dv888. However, when we consider a budget of $120(due to the Avalanche), there’s a lot of other choices that can be considered, from the diBase II, Capless, RecRev sine//saw, “@” and Silly Goose, Werrd Eighty-Six 400 and so many others that are under $100.

We also have the new trend of “I want advice, but then I have to share that I’m not buying it here, and my local store only has these models…” It’s hard to say how effective advice is these days.

:stuck_out_tongue: Trust me… it may not seem like itright away, but down the line the advice will come back as a positive thing. Valuable, though it may not appear to be heeded immediately. Sometim3s people just have to test the waters.

I agree.

People need to get stung from their mistakes to learn to follow advice.