i am going to buy a yoyo but i dunno whether to buy the dark magic 2 or avalanche or the DV888

Any preferences? Are you getting into unresponsive? You should probably give more information if you are comparing the DM2/DV888 and the Avalanche together…


Shutter over DV888
Shutter is like the new, better, awesomer, amazinger DV888.

If its your first throw
You probably shouldn’t get the avalanche

Yeah, if it’s your first, I would go with a Dark magic. If you are an experienced player, I’d go avalanche. If anything, I would recommend a Flow, if you are an experienced player. I have used an avalanche, dark magic, dv888, and a Spin Dynamics flow. It is great. It has a wide gap, nice v shape, awesome response, and great grinding abilities.

No. Not at all.

The dv888 is like a compact rock on a string.

The Shutter is a beast!

The Shutter and it’s price will phase out the dv888.

(then again, I’m a bit anti-dv888)

Also, without knowing more, it’s impossible to make recommendations.

Well I haven’t tried a dm2, so I wont really talk about that. Unless your very news then I would recommend it.
Now I really didn’t like the Ava as much as I thought I would. Some people love it, I think it just feels weird. It does have good spin time and a great shape and stuff, but still… It was also a LITTLE smaller than I expected.
And just stay away from the DV888.please.

I personally like the dv888 but have never used the dm2 or avalanche

Are you buying from YYE or are you buying somewhere closer to you?

Recently, maybe it was you or someone else, they were having issue with models available. It was discovered their local seller had a limited selection.

What else are you looking at?

Can you bind and play unresponsive?

Each of these models are dramatically different. Knowing more of your preferences may helps steer you to an answer. Ultimately, the only answer that matters comes from playing and learning what you like best.

The dm2 is good if you want a throw to practice responsive and unresponsive on. If you’re looking to move up in yoyos I’d get the avalanche though and I don’t see any need to get a dv888. If this is your first throw ever I suggest picking up something that’s more on the responsive side like the kickside and buy the avalanche at the same time. It’s always fun to have a responsive throw to fall back on and mess around with and you can beat up the plastic yoyo without worrying about damage.

Am I the only one who noticed that his favorite yoyo is the Dark Magic 2? Haha, lol.

Wow… I guess you were

Gotta disagree here. The Dv888 was my first unresponsive metal and is a dream to throw. It’s actually lighter than the Shutter and it’s an undersized while the Shutter is a full sized. Could be easier for the young ones with smaller hands (if Ivana is of that age). Maybe price range plays a part in the comparison, but they both play very well in my eyes. When I first started with tricks, I started on a DMII because it uses two different bearings and I could choose the style of play I liked. It’s more versatile for the beginner.

I just cast my vote and the results traumatized me