How does the cliff play

Hey guys, I was thinking about getting a new yoyo, and I’m considering the Cliff but I dont want to buy another Dreadnought. So I guess, my question is how does the Cliff play compared to the Dreadnought or just in general.

I personally didn’t like it that much. though you might. Big (!) and floaty. Even though it’s floaty, it has a heft to it that I like. Great CLYW colorways, and I love the Gruntbull (?) blast! I did not like the slowness of it.

I loved the play but the feel was a little odd. It has some comfort issues in the hand, during play it is a beast of a yoyo.

I recently did a write up of it for High Speed YoYo of it.

HSYY Cliff Review

I could live without. The undercut is spaced just right for me to get my finger kinda jammed into it on catch.

For a “big, unique” yoyo I far prefer the H5xChief. Mind you, that’s a whole other LEVEL of “big”. :wink: