CLYW CLIFF First Impressions

So I got my CLIFF yesterday in a trade. And so far, its worth it.
The CLIFF is huge. Its just ENORMOUS. But it still feels good in the hand thanks to the undercut. Some people said it felt awkward to hold, but I like the feel of the CLIFF. The guy who I traded with said it was smooth, and that it had no vibe, but when I got it, this thing vibed. Not too bad, but noticeable. It really doesn’t bother me. The color is awesome (red blizzard), and the finish is super smooth. Love the response, yet I hated the CT, so I put a 10-ball in, and now I love it. The CLIFF is SUPER floaty, and despite its size, it feels super light. And its good at any type of style, but its more for a slower, relaxed style, like mine. Very stable too.

So…yeah…the CLIFF is awesome.

From what I have heard, the CLIFF is supposed to be an oversized competition yoyo do you think so?

I agree with the little review, and yes it would be good for competing

I do think It would be a great comp throw because it is so stable.