did i make a good decision? need ur opinions :p

My quest has ended i searched alot to find a good yoyo to order and from what i gathered of informmation i made up my mind and got a YYR clash i thinkbit is 2012 because.i ordered it here from yoyoexpert and they didnt say what clashvitbwas
well did i make a good decision like is the clash a really good yoyo like they say and on a scale of 1 to 10 how good is it
thnx guys i appreciate ur help

I dont get it when people buy a yoyo THEN ask if it’s good. Well, if it isn’t, it’s kind of too late isn’t it?

A Clash should be good though, like any other YYR… But really, I don’t see a point to this thread, you already bought it. It’s done, wait for it to arrive and you’ll find out yourself, it’s not like you can do anything if we say it’s bad…

It does seem odd to have someone ask if a yoyo is good after they have purchased it, until I appreciate the courage it actually takes to make one’s own decision. You have to be a bit of a risk taker to drop that kind of money, going off of what you have read. (Notice that yoyoaddict101 “searched a lot” and did some research.) I think this post is a result of excitement, following making a decision and the anticipation of a package in the mail.

I’m sure that you will love the Clash. Enjoy it!

Yup, it’s a 2012 Clash. That’s all they have on YYE. Very good model, but it was a tad too heavy for my tastes. IMO, the 2011 Clash is better.