Werrd two fat ladies review (TFL) with pictures

The yoyo-

This yoyo has a very good design on the outside. You can get them in many additions which include: polished, groovyy, grovy anodized,and satinized. All are good depending on what you like, my version is the groovy. The yoyo has two spikes, one sticking out on each side. Dont worry they are not very sharp it wont hurt you. You can see more detail in the pictures above. The TFL is silver but there is a grooy addition that comes in gold. This yoyo just has a great shine to it.


This yoyo is packaged just so nicely. All these cases that the TFL versions come in are all the same but the design is different depending on which you get. It is made out of wood. This is also very easy to take apart and put back together but if you have any trouble please let me know.

Compared to other yoyos-

This yoyo is a great size. Comparing it to the metal zero it is not as tall but definatly a wider yoyo. Compared to the shinwoo zen it is bigger all together but the gap is a little bit smaller. Overall this yoyo feels great in your hand, always leading to a great throw.

Inside the yoyo-

This yoyo is just so unique inside. It is one of few with two bearings! It uses Born Crucial Ghost Pads. Which will be elaborated in the in the next paragraphs.

Born Crucial Ghost Pad-
These are very good as the responese system. But they grab really hard which can ofcourse lead to knots. But when you get the hang of it and the pads break in a little it is fine. If you dont likw them but personaly i do you can always replace them with something you prefer. But I would say good for binding overall because this yoyo is unresponsive.

Two bearings-
The two bearings in this yoyo make it just great for throwing. I t always keep the string strait in the center. These bearings are I could say pretty much locked in when you put them in the sides of the yoyo, but can be taken out pretty easily. If you just spin a bearing with your finger you should even get atleast ten seconds!

The spin time on this is just amazing. Im not going to set a time on because it dependson your throw. But I will say I am definatly able to throw like 10 split the atoms in one throw. The yoyo is always strait because of the two bearings. The spin does have a loud sound though. depending on how hard it is thrown.

This yoyo is great for tricks great for 1a style. When you are doing string tricks the string will pretty much never touch the sides during play unless the spin gets to the point where it is really about to stop.

The final information about each version-
Groovy Lady Edition
weighs 66.90 grams
53 millimeters in diameter
Has a width of 40.80 millimeters
Has a gap of 4.45 millimeters
Bearings- Two .250 x .500 x .187 in (Beefcaked)

weighs 66.70 grams
52.62 millimeters in diameter
Has a width of 40.98
gap size of 4.44 millimeters

groovy Anodized
comes in gold, blue, and black
weighs a ver impressive 67.10 grams
is 52.68 millimeters in diameter
has a width of 40.73
has a gap size of 4.4.1 millimeters.

weighs 66.40 grams
52.63 millimeter in diameter
has a width of 40.87 millimeters
has a gap size of 4.5 millimeters

Overall this yoyo is just great. I just love it. Personaly I like the groovy because I think it looks more stylish and high end. But it all depends on what you like. This yoyo cost in the range of $98.00 to $110.00 depending on the version you purchase. Thats all I can say for now I would definatly suggest buying it to anyone. It is definatly worth the price.

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