YYF Lunatic review

This yoyo is a very good yoyo for advanced and expert play. It can be used for master also but you need a really strong thow. Give this yoyo a good throw and it will out spin most. This yoyo has an abnormaly wide gap making it spin just that much longer, also making it hard for binds. you need to do a backspin bind for this yoyo if you want it to bind correctly.
This yoyo throw great and is very smooth. It feels great in the palm. The yoyo take a large YYF SPEC bearing, also available in a smaller bearing. It wieghs 66.4 grams. It also takes a large skinny CBC pad for its response. Its wieght distibution in great for balance and spin times. The graphics on the yoyo are very unique. You can also get it in a very plain simple graphic that simpply states the name and company. On YYE.com you can get it in two colors from a very pearl tint of purple to a very eye popping green. Also available in a jaw dropping silver(small bearing).

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Well… it could be better but for the length it’s pretty good.

Welcome to YYE! Good review, but you should go more in depth about how it plays. :slight_smile: