YYF Counter Attack Review

Hey guys, I got this throw about 2 months ago, and thought I should write a review on it, so here it goes.

Out Of The Box
When I first took the Counter Attack out of the box, it was surprisingly heavy. I noticed this is basically a PGM without the hubstacks and with Protostar metal weight rings. Of course, YYF always includes string and instructions, which were both in the elegant, yet commercial-looking box.

Untitled by Jake_From_State_Farm, on Flickr

Untitled by Jake_From_State_Farm, on Flickr

Untitled by Jake_From_State_Farm, on Flickr

First Impressions
Upon the first throw, I realized how awesome this yoyo is; even with the stock 8-ball SPEC bearing. Because of the weight rings, it gets really good spin times, comparable to any average metal yoyo. This throw, as previously stated, is also quite heavy, weighing in at 69 grams! If you prefer lighter throws in general, I wouldn’t reccomend this.

I found that using a regular thickness string (YYE, Kitty, etc.) would result in slipping binds, probably because the gap is so big. If you use a string like Toxic Thick Metz, then you have an excellent paired yoyo and string, in my opinion. It will bind well, and just seems to go awesome with the yoyo play-wise. I just thought I would point all of that out, as usually I don’t have any trouble binding at all.

The colors on this yoyo are pretty vibrant. The shiny, gold-colored plating/anno on the weight rings goes excellent with the nice, translucent blue. The blasted finish on the Counter Attack is quite nice, yielding awesome grinds. Speaking of grinds- IRGs are possible, but are tough to do because of the fact that there isn’t much space between the weight rings and the little caps AND that this yoyo lacks real IGRs.

At $34.99 on YYE, this yoyo is definitely a great deal! It plays great, and has awesome spin times. I ended up replacing the stock bearing with an OD 10-ball bearing. At the cost of a couple seconds of spin time, I ended up getting a throw that is one of the smoothest yoyos I own.

Overall I would reccomend this to anybody who wants a fantastic plastic yoyo, either for carrying around or just to have fun with. It’s a great value, and a great buy.

Value: 9/10
Spin Time: 7.5/10
Performance: 8/10
Appearance: 10/10
Finish: 10/10

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What happened to your finger?

Making strings lol, I use a nail on a dremel, and the dremel slipped. It’s getting better


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have been looking for a review on this thing for such a long time. I only found one good one, and one opinion is never enough, you know? This might be the next yoyo I pick up. Oh yeah, out of curiosity, did you ever get your psg performing the way you wanted? Thanks again for a great review!

Nice review. I have a PGM and always wondered how the Counter Attack would play by comparison.

Thank you man! And I got it better, but I realized I was expecting too much from a 10 dollar yoyo

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One other question though; does it play heavy, slow, fast etc?

Not fast, but not slow. Medium speed, medium to medium heavy weight wise, depending on how you feel things. I would say medium weight, medium speed, but that is just me


No problem

Thanks Big yoyo, I too have wanted a review for this. One question though, how does it compare to the grind machine?

If you can imagine a prototar-like Grind Machine this would be it. Spins longer, and has no stacks. Lol did that make sense?

Yes, i get it :stuck_out_tongue:



Great review! ;D Keep em’ coming! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Yes Sir! I already have a Dang review written, just waiting a bit before I post it. Also an Alpha Crash, Modmans strings, as well as Quickie Silvers string reviews coming :wink:


Why do you imply that SPEC bearings are bad, thats one fo the funnier things I have read in a review.
They are some of the best bearings I have ever used.
Implying they need to be replaced is just stupid. This is why everyone think stock bearing need to be replaced as soon as you buy the yoyo, just because they sell aftermarket bearings doesn’t mean manufacturers use crap bearings, SPEC bearings are in fact aftermarket, and rather than give you a cheaper generic bearing, a la CLYW and many others(those bearing are just fine btw,you do not need to replace a bearing just beacause it came stock), YYF supplies most of their throws with SPECS, or CentreTracs.
So essentially your buying a yoyo with an aftermarket bearing already installed and you call it crap . Lol.

I stepped on mine on accident and the axle went right throughout the plastic hub:D