yyf counter attack

This yoyo is preety good for advanced to master. Super smooth!!! The texture of the yoyo is like yyf gm but its just a bit bigger. You CAN’T do thumb grinds with it because of the hub caps. The bearing is called the center trac bearing which keeps the string in place in high speed play. It got weight rims in the butterfly shaped corners. Looks cool, feels cool.

manufacturer: yoyofactory
bearing: center trac bearing by CBC
Size: 5 cm (approx)
Gap: fixed http://www.hkyyfc.org.hk/image/yyf-CA.jpg

Bro, You also live in Hong Kong? Cool XD
I also buy YoYos from the same shop, well there’s only one in hong kong.

does it sleep long?

Kinda Short


but is it enuf to do atleast 2-3 combos?


I have a Counter Attack and it sleeps pretty long.

Maybe it’s just your throw?