YYF CounterAttack Review

Well I’ve had the CounterAttack for a while and decided to write a review:

Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 68.90
Width (mm) 41.66
Diameter (mm) 55.69
Gap Width (mm) 4.65
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 in x .500 in x .187 in Center Trac
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System CBC Pad

First Thoughts:
The YYf Box the yoyo came in, which had yet another unique design made just for the CounterAttack, had the specs on the outside, string on the inside, and a small piece of paper explaining binds and showing how to pull off some grinds.
My first thoughts were: “this thing’s really small!!” I took the yoyo out of the box and marveled at its small diameter. This allowed it to fit very comfortably in my hands and was a nice addition, since I was very much used to the Velocity’s small diameter. Another thing I quickly noticed was the yoyo’s width. Although the diameter was small, the yoyo was nice and wide making string hits a breeze.
The red metal rings sit nicely in the rim and adds a nice finishing look.

On a Throw:
The metal rings add extra weight to the rim making this yoyo a very stable player on a good throw. As stated before, the CounterAttack is very wide making string hits a breeze. The butterfly shape with the small diameter fits very nicely in the hands and feels good when is caught back.The flattened edges makes snap starts easy.
Since the Counter Attack is based off of the Grind Machine you’d expect it to grind pretty well and it does, hoever, having only a plastic surface it won’t grind on your arm the way metals would.
Overall, the CounterAttack plays very stable and can take almost anything you throw at it. Some things I did notice, were that this yoyo is a bit sluggish and won’t play as fast as other yoyos

The CounterAttack’s response system, CBC Pads, are the same as the Grind Machines. They are durable and provide snappy returns. However, when first trying to break them in binds were very slippy. Although I’m a little against the idea of the Center Trak bearing (and the KonKave bearing) since it allows you to be a little more “sluggish” when you throw and it seems as though you’re throwing away all your hard work of learning how to throw, However, I was actually very pleased with its performance. The string was kept away from the sides continuously no matter how many lindy loops or any other kind of wraps I threw at it unlike the KK bearing which only centers the string. However the Center Trak bearing became very loud and nothing seemed to be able to fix it.

Final Thougts:
Honestly, I was afraid to buy this one. This is literally a complete opposite of what I was I used to with my Velocity. The Velocity weighed 62 grams the CounterAttack weighed 68. The COunterAttack is wider, had a Center Trak bearing that I didn’t know anything about, a butterfly shaped yoyo instead of an H-SHape, and had those flattened edges…you can see where I’m coming from.
However, this yoyo did nothing but please and I’m glad made the buy.
The CounterAttack is in the “Death to Metal” line for a reason.

This is my first “full” review. Tell me what you guys think. I’m having troubles uploading pictures, but I’ll try to get them up as soon as possible.

Awesome review! I want 1!!

cool review.

Great Review!

I’d have to say the counter attack is a very underrated yoyo…not enough people throw them, I love mine to death! It plays dang near as good as the protostar I think, and it has a much more comfy shape.

That’s your opinion. i think that the Counter Attack has sloppy binds, slow play, and a bad shape IMO, and i prefer the ProtoStar. it’s all your preferences.

great review!
i also like the counter attack! but anyway awesome review!

No need to go all haywire on me man.

Grate review bro!
I think that the Counter Attack is a grate starting yoyo, my first one was a Yomega Glow win and I have to say that is a very bad choice for a begginer, frustratin yoyo, then I Bought the counter and all changes!!! Im very happy learning technoque with this yoyo.
Maybe for a pro yoyoer is not a good choice.
I highly reccomend this yoyo for all begginer starting with 1a Stile!!!

3 year old thread. That is an epic necro