YoYoFactory's Counter Attack

Perhaps this belongs in with reviews although this isn’t really a review, more of an inquiry. I have a NorthStar as well as a ProtoStar and have been very happy with their performance. (They’re not my very favorites, but I enjoy them a great deal!) It is not my intention to get on here and flame against any particular yoyo. Listen, I am an older fella then most of you kids on these forums so I have a difficult time saying anything bad about any contemporary throw. Yoyos are SO much better today then when I was a kid. BY FAR! Then we had the Duncan Imperial and Butterfly and thought they were it. So the the throws I have today are rocket rides to Mars compared to what I use to play with.

That said, I purchased a Counter Attack a couple of weeks ago and thus far I have to say I have been underwhelmed. I am sorry too, because I really want to like this yoyo. I don’t seem to be able to get any respectable spin times out of this thing, it seems to want to poop out very shortly into any trick. I didn’t expect the Counter Attack to play like my DV888 or even my Raptor and Momentum, but man, I can’t seem to get much out of it at all. I will admit I haven’t the strongest throw out there, but this bandalore has kinda been an all around disappointment so far. Is anyone else throwing one of these? If so, what has been your experience? Am I expecting too much from this yoyo, or is it really a pretty good product and I’m still just a lousy player? ???

The better you are the better it becomes for sure but that’s with any yoyo. I’d say the counter attack is a sub par yoyo myself. I’ve been yoyoing for quite some time. If you add up my childhood yoyoing i’ve been yoyoing for about 15 years. Only about 6 years of “new school” yoyoing. I’m older like you so I know what you mean. Imo you need to get rid of it or put it in the yoyo case and call it “collected”.

The counter attack I have spins nicely but… where do I keep it?
In the car for emergencies. Hmmm I wonder if the spare tire has air in it…I guess I’ll go check.

Doesn’t sound like a review, just an observation from someone not pleased with an individual yoyo.

The thing is, has everything been done within reasonable efforts to see if this yoyo can be all it can be in your hands? By reasonable, I’m not talking about anythign more expensive than a new bearing unless other items are not in the picture. Has the bearing been broken in? Has the bearing been cleaned? Lube involved? Have the response pads been broken in a bit? Do you have a spare bearing you can swap out?

Then again, not everything is a perfect match for everyone. Or, not every yoyo can be a winner.

Y’know, I was pretty unimpressed by the Counter Attack as well. It just didn’t have the body and stability I feel a good yoyo should. I had issues getting it to spin well, too. The spacer and bearing setup paired with the response led to really slippy throws and sub-par binds. I took out the pads on mine and replaced them with YYJ o-rings. I feel it would perform better with a smaller bearing or at least more weight on the rim.

I don’t want to wear this topic out, I just want to make sure I am equitable to YoYoFactory with my criticism. After reading through Studio42 response I thought I should push this yoyo a little longer to make sure everything been given a chance to break in. I have to say after tossing it for a couple more hours I do believe it is playing smoother and granting longer spin times. I guess I have to say the “Sharky-toothed” Counter Attack ain’t such a terrible throw after all.

I just want to be fair… :wink:

Sounds like you gave it a fair shot.

I don’t have a Counter Attack and this isn’t a model of interest to me. Still, it’s good to give a yoyo a decent shot at doing what it’s supposed to do for you. It just takes time.

At the same time, not every yoyo is an ideal match for all people. What is a bad match for some is a better match for others.

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I have a yoyo factory couter attack and its one of my best yoyos, besides my dv888 but i never experianced any problems with it.