Yyf counter attack review


Since i havent seen a counter attack review in… Forever, i geuss ill put one together.

Specs:(rounded, since a tenth of a millimeter dosent make a difference)

Weight: 68g
Width: 40mm

Ok guys, to start this off, i wanna say that this yoyo is ridiculusly underrated, and that people dont give it a chance. The specs are about average and theres not much that can be said there, except its definetly on the heavier side. For those of you who dont know, the counter attack is basicly a pgm with metal rings and no hubstacks. Now onto my first impressions.

The first things that popped into my head while throwing this for the first time about 3 weeks ago, was that it was heavy, and binds stunk. At first, the response pads were REALLY slippery. It felt like i could not possibly get a good bind out of it, which led to bad sleep times. I also noticed that it feels heavy. Its almost the opposite of my pgm which is fast and light. Another obvious thing i noticed it that it comes with a center trac bearing. Center trac happens to be my absolute favorite bearing in the entire yoyoing universe, so that might make me biased towards this yoyo. Either way, its a great addition to the value of the yoyo.

After a week or so of play, i realized a few things. First of all, the pads do eventually break in, and get better. They are SLIGHTLY slippery, but they are good enough. They however make this yoyo 100% snag free, which is obviously a plus. This yoyo has a shape like the pgm, but it seems as if the outside rims are thicker. Also, the weight rings are noticably bigger than on the protostar. The shape is generally comfortable, and the yoyo plays smoothly on the string. This is not only a great 1a throw, but its also great for 5a. Unlike the protostar, the shape on this yoyo is so comfortable, my thumbs and forefingers dont get tired from constantly bashing against a flat surface. The shape is absolutely perfect for 5a. I also noticed how solid it feels. My dm2 feels really plastic and cheap when compared to the counter attack. It is not as stable as my protostar, but its pretty dang close. Definetly outplays my pgm.

Now onto grinds. I personally have small fingers, and i can fit thumbgrinds on this, and the protostar. If you ask sombody with large or normal sized fingers like my dad, they will tell you its impossible to thumb grind. For me, they are fine and the domes dont get in the way much. Although, yyf would have created a better yoyo by not having such large domes, or having them removeable perhaps? That would make the yoyo not only thumb grind better, but would reduce weight issues also. In terms of finger and arm grinding, this has the best grinding surface out of any plastic yoyo i own. It does however get hot on a finger grind, and may actually burn your finger. Im not exactly sure why it gets so hot, but it does.

Overall, i do think this is a yoyo worth buying, and im honestly surprised more people dont have one. Its an awesome throw, and incomparable to any plastic i own. There are a few flaws, but nothing super major. Would i recommend this yoyo to a beginner? Probably not, since it is heavy, and dosent bind super well unless you know what you are doing. Would i recommend this to an advanced player? Yes. It will definetly outplay most if not all of your plastic yoyos, and probably even some metals.

P.s. Pics will be up tomorrow morning when i can go on the computer to upload! Sadly my ipod which i am typing on cannot upload pics here…


well… thanks alot ;D i wanted a blue protostar and they ran out… but i just looked at this throw and went to research it sounds sweet, thanks man im getting one fosho


great review! ;D

i might pick one up soon


The correct specs are :
Weight : 69 grams
Width : 41 mm
Diameter : 55 mm

These specs are rounded, this yoyo is full sized not undersized. In your review this yoyo has an undersized yoyo specs. And a millimeter can make a huge difference on the feel of the yoyo.


i know, but i felt that if you REALLY wanted the full specs, theres a page on it already, plus when i was writing it on my phone i didn’t have access to that page. btw most f my posts including this one are written on my phone.

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Nice review but maybe more details on how it plays like whether it is floaty or fast etc.