Introducing the Counter Attack from YYF!

The following information is found at the YYF Countdown Blog, located at:

From YoYoFactory:
This is a big one. We considered holding this back as part of the midnight release shenanigans but couldn’t keep it under wraps any longer. Built off a Grind Machine body with precision metal weight rings added like rocket packs on a roller skating coyote. A new domed cover ties it all in for the sweet finishing touch.


Weight: 69gm
Width: 41.5mm
Diameter: 55.5mm
Large Bearing
Large (wide) silicone response pad

Death to Metal :wink:

Funny… if YYF is going to say “Death to Metal”, I don’t suggest putting metal rings on one of they’re plastic yo-yo’s. :smiley:

So here’s the list now:

  1. C13
  2. Pocket Change
  3. Die Nasty
  4. BOSS
  5. Adjust-O-Matic
  6. Genesis
  7. Buddha King 2
  8. Counter Attack
  9. N/A
  10. N/A

I was looking at the list and I saw nothing about the loop 900! Is this part of their releases?

I guess the 900 is a part of it. And I think Tyler’s sig is on the wait. So that’s already 10. And I guess we can expect just a wee bit more.

Ben had said that the Loop 900 weren’t scheduled to be released anytime soon. He did say that there would be a V2 of the Loop 720 coming at the end of the summer.

Oh, because I thought they were on the list… whatever then.

Soo whats the expected price tag? $40?

Not over 35.

Probably the price of the PGM v2. Maybe a tad more because of the metal rings.

Hmm, Counter-Attack, or Die-Nasty? For 5A.

C-A looks cool.

I dont know… This is killing me…

I want the boss, and the Die-Nasty, and the C-A, and the Genesis, and, Well all the ones so far minus the Buddha King 2…

I just want all the yo-yo’s in the world. ;D

Looks awesome, well every yoyo coming from YoyoFactory is pretty much awesome.
I’m not digging the clear colors IMO, a solid teal color will blow my head off with awesomeness.

How much will the Buddah King 2 beez?

It looks like it will probably be with the premium YYFs at 110-120

Looks like a PGM a lot. :o

It is built off the PGM. Which means that it’s a PGM without stacks and weight rings. Well it’s not exactly a PGM with/without named things, but close.

I could tell.

Next generation of the stackless PGM I guess.

Pretty much.

You can see the plastic is the same as the PGM V1.0, but it looks a bit wider, and more round like the YoYoJam New Breed.

Looks really cool. I like the blue.