PMG vs Counter Attack

(Zero) #1

Im want one of these two yoyos mostly for 5a. I like heavier yoyos. I wanna know which do you think is better for 5a?


counter attachk is heavier but it all comes down to do you want hubstacks on or no hubstacks and matal rings

(JonasK) #3

Counter Attack has more rim-weight and weight in general. PGM has hubstacks.

(Astrojax) #4

which PGM? they do come stackless, but not v2.0

(JonasK) #5


(Cinimod105) #6

Original Plastic Grind Machines have both a stacked version and a stackless version. PGM version 2.0 has only the stacked version.


I think you would like the Counter Attack more. PGM’s are very light and has hubstacks, giving it center-weight. The Counter Attack is nice and heavy, with most of its weight on the rims, which is something you want in a 5A yo-yo. Plus, if you like heavier yoyo’s, there’s no sense in getting something light. I say, go for the Counter Attack.

(JackG) #8

pgm is the greatest yoyo ever

(Cinimod105) #9

IYO(In your opinion)

(Marvin.D) #10

why not get a die-nasty it was made for 5a

(JonasK) #11

The Die Nasty is made by the creator of 5a, not specifically for 5a. The Counter Attack is basically a heavier more rim-weighted Die Nasty.


or get a recessed fhz, its amazing once recessed