Legacy or PGMv2 or Counter ATK ?

Name: Grind Machine v2
Designer: YoYoFactory
Weight: 63 Grams
Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 41.8 mm
Gap Size: 4.34 mm
Response: Kentaro pad
Price: 28-29 US/44-45 US

Specs : *Patent Pending HUBSTACK technology
*YoYoFactory SPEC bearing for super long spins.
Cons : *axle is locked to the yo-yo -> unable to mod much
*Seems to be wobble alot but can be fixed by cleaning the
hubs screw part of the body

Name: Legacy
Designer: YoYoJam
Weight: 68 Grams
Diameter: 55.3 mm
Width: 39.6 mm
Gap Size: 4.34 mm
Response: Flush Silicone O-Ring
Price: 24-25 US

Specs : *Come with Flowable Silicon response system
*Legacy can take Synergy Rings
*crafted in Celcon plastic
Cons : Did not well balanced using standard duncanball as counterweight

And now the recently new yo-yo counter atk! .


*Same Design as PGM and seem will be going to do more better~~ not much info i know for now
*new Center-Trac bearing
*Look nicest among the option
*Come with K-pad

I have played Legacy and find it extremely smooth and the weight is just good for me.
but PGMv2 has hubs which enable hub-trick and about the same weight .And now counter-atk , which look quite similar with PGMv2 and has new Center-Trac Bearing.

I’m looking for unresponsive , smooth and able to take alot few layer of strings …which should I get?

All of them will work fr you. but I would go w/ the Legacy.

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hmm …

which 1 among them is smoothest and provide less snag when do bind?

With good binding skills, they will all be fine. Make sure you do a backspin bind and that you don’t use too big of a loop for the bind.

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hmm…guess there all pretty similar ~~~ …I will be go for counter attack…Want try center-trac bearing