is the counter attack yay or nay


like what your opinion about it since i gotten it from the mystery bag, but to me it’s better than the grind machine.


The Counter Attack is a “just okay” throw in my opinion. You can do better and remain within the same price range I believe. For instance, for another $5 you can get a Protostar which is a superior yoyo by far IMHO.

The Counter Attack isn’t absolutely horrible and I even like the look of it myself, but I just wouldn’t recommend it if their are others you are considering instead.

However, if you received one in the “Mystery Bag” you certainly have walked away with an acceptable throw along with other decent products.


Yay! I quite like it and I think it was really worth buying the mystery bag (especially with the prices)!


From what I have experienced, it is a fairly decent throw. It is not my favorite plastic, but it is not my least favorite. I think it would make a good “around town” throw.


I was sad I did not get a north or protostar and thought I would hate the Counter Attack. Did not take it out of the package for a day lol. I gave it a whirl today and Its not bad! I gave away my only GM a PGM stackless so I didnt have anything that shape and saw they were similar so I pulled it out. Glad I did It will be a good outside throw. And maybe it will not be bad for 5a? Have not tried yet


I like it. It’s a really fun yoyo. I’d like to pick one up for nostalgia’s sake - it was my cousin’s first yoyo, and it was far superior to my PGM at the time :stuck_out_tongue:


Counter attack was my first unresponsive throw and although I do not have one at the moment, it is how I learned a lot of the basics. Great throw and comes with center trac.


The counter attack is ok. It didn’t impress me very much but it wasn’t bad really. You can’t really complain if you got on for free…or at least I wouldn’t, hehe.

Now the counter attack video with Tyler and Miguel is one of the sickest videos there is.

(SR) #9

It’s for the guy who wants a better PGM, but is too cheap for a protostar. haha

Alot of people I know bought them when they came out, treated them fairly well, then about half broke. lol

No wonder they were in there haha