Which one?

So which one?

I’m not sure what level you are but for me it would be a proto. :slight_smile:

Working on advanced part 1.

yep. a proto would be good. it give long spins, it’s unresponsive when you need it(easy to learn plastic whip), right weight, right width, its just perfect!!! :slight_smile:

i second that

So does the Counter Atttack.

"Right width, right size, and ‘just perfect’ are matters of opinon.

Do you want your yoyo to be thinner, or wider? Textured plastic or smooth plastic? PGM shape or large Hectic shape?
If you chose the later to all three questions, get a Protostar. If you picked the first options, get a Counter Attack.

If you worried about which one ‘plays better’, stop worring. Both play equally amazing and should both give you about the same sleep times on a proper throw. ;D


Thanks!! Why does the Protostar cost more than the Counter Attack?

I honestly don’t know why. ??? Maybe because the Protostar’s bigger and uses more platsic? So it’s more expensive to make? Sorry I can’t really give you an answer.


Thanks for trying!!

I would say protostar if you learn how to bind.



Happy Throwing! =]

why wouldn’t the counter attack do that? and based on his favorite yoyo, i would have to say the counter attack would be perfect, especially if your favorite yoyo is the counter attack.

I liked it when I was an intermediate player. Now, not so much, so I was wondering if I should get a Protostar. They use the same bearing as the Counter Attack, but competition players use it more. So that’s why I started this poll.

So may people gets irritated ( like me) when someone posts a subject like this, NEVER ASK WHICH YOYO SHOULD I GET!!! always always always always put down you preferences. at least write something like " I like sharp/butterfly shape" Typing that down helps us soooooooooooooo much to pick your yoyo that will suite you. so never do it again if you don’t want to be scolded like this again ;D

Just to help if you like to have experiance with the centre trac then I would choose a counter attack, if you are looking toward advanced play, then I suggest you the protostar.

The Legacy
:o :o :o


The counter attack has had some problems from the reviews and impressions that I’ve read. That is why I would get a protostar. Plus, the protostar has had almost only good things said about it.

Yeah, the only real issue with the Counter Attack is that the first run had a bad vibe.