Protostar Or Counter-attack?


i looked in the forums and this one didnt exist so i must ask the community. what one do you like better? pros and cons and who knows what else… im stuck in between those 2 right now, just trying to find a decent new throw ;D :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D kThanz


I have several YYF plastics and a couple of metals. The Protostar, I like. I also like the Northstar but it does wear me down a bit right now as it is a bit on the heavier side of what I like and I do like heavy yoyos. I only mention the Northstar because it’s the same price and shape as the Protostar.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of the Counter Attack, ranging from hate to love and everything in between. This must be one of those ones you take a gamble with. Currently, it’s not a model I am interested in, mainly because I have many of the more favored YYF plastics and am now switching gears towards affordable YYJ plastics to add to the collection.


I say protostar. I personally like the shape more and it seems to be a little more stable. Both are good throws though, but the rounded shape is a bit of a turn off for me on the counter attack. Also, proto comes in Neon which looks amazing.

(Brandon1) #4

After briefly looking into it, the Counter Attack seems to be a heavier pgm without hub-stacks. The Protostar, on the other hand, is lighter and has a completely different shape (“H”). So I suppose my advice would be to go with whichever yo-yo matches your preference(s) closest.

I don’t have a Counter Attack, but I did have a Protostar (it’s broken), and it played very fast. I used to like it a little I guess, but IMO, it gets more credit than it deserves (In otherwords: I think it is overrated). I’m not saying it’s bad, but I don’t think I would consider it good either. Mine had a lot of vibe and didn’t spin very long. But, it did have a very unique shape to it and it was dead unresposive; which I did like. I hope this helped.


its all a matter of shape choice both will play just as good its just do u want a cut flared shape or a rounded shape.


I like the Protostar much more. It’s more stable. The Counter Attack is heavy. I don’t mind heavy yoyo’s but it feels too heavy. I think the shape of the Counter Attack is a little more comfortable in hand than the Protostar, but for performance, I like the Protostar.