counter attack, northstar or protostar


Before you say “northstar FTW” I need he following q. answered for the three yoyos counter attack, northstar and protostar

does the counter attck/northstar/protostar…
feels solid and not hollow?
have an easy removal with the axle?
accepts flowable silicone?

this is going to be my first yyf and I want a plastic, what do you recommend for me.if it helps I LOVE my ganrwhal… right now I leaning to the protostar and counter attack cuz I heard their was a few problems with the northstar… this is another reason I hate buying yoyos online

oh and almost forgot for the people who take time to help me and other people on yye


well I cant answer all of your questions but as far as the protostar it is a great choice and I absolutly love mine.
It does feel quite solid and I do belive it can be siliconed.
overall a great player anf in my opinion it is the best all plastic out there.

Well, actually that post is quite short.

Protostar does feel hollow, but please do not under-estimate it becasue of that. It plays everything and is quite stable for it’s weight. I don’t feel CT is as stable.

Some are hard to take off, some easy. There are special methods for taking the axle off, but it kinda depends on luck.

Anything with a groove accepts silicone. Even the recess in a Duncan Drifter. All three yoyo’s have deep recess’s, of course they can.

Well, CT is a bit bulky, kinda hard to wrap over your hands. But the H-Shape from Proto and Northstar are, well, supposingly comfortable but not the most comfortable.

Also, important, do you like grinds? If you like finger, palm grinds, only CT is left. Protostar and Northstar is a failure in grinds. Only a tiny ridge for thumb grinds.

much better said then me but ya kinda the same point

I’m not a big grinder, I only do finger and arm grinds to show what modern yoyos can do… and also I’m not a fan of the h-shape but I love how it plays

Well please ol’ mate, do not get the Protostar or Northstar unless you are going to satin it. If you do get those two, people would think that grinding is an in-evitable useless act.

Counter Attack. And what is your budget? There are many yoyo’s that grind much better than CT. But you say you’re not a big grinder, I think the CT would work.

Have you tried all three? My budget ? And good yyf plastic I just narowed it down to the three but I’m just looking for a nice soild and fast with a bit of floatiness yoyo…does the CT feel hollow cuz I was about to pick a protostar cuz everybody who has one loved it but they say that the north star is better but some had a crack when they bought the yoyo

PROTOSTAR FTW!!! Best of the three, played with all of them.

How about the JK by yoyofactory

I own all three I would say north star is the most solid… but the protostar is not a let down either but if yo like A heavier throw north star is number one :slight_smile:

jk is great good shape for a throw :slight_smile: for the price its worth it but before you buy this i still suggest buying a northstar or protostar.

pick one of those get good then buy the jk or just skip ahead to a higher end yoyo ; whatever your preference

I have the Protostar and Northstar and I enjoy both of them very much. Given the choice, I prefer the Northstar over the Protostar due to weight and it moves a tiny bit slower. I also have a Gnarwal. No problems with anything.

In my opinion, the Protostar DOES NOT feel hollow to me. It’s noisy, but NOT hollow, but that’s in part due to its design. The Northstar has the same noise issue.

Easy removal of axle? I don’t remove the axle, so I don’t know. I suppose it’s not too bad. These also use spacers. You might want to invest in a YYF Multi-Tool.

They are compatible with flowable and other RTV silicone products. Flowable is a type of RTV.

The Gnarwal you like is undersized, while I think the Protostar and Northstar are full sized. Also, if you’re into grinding, niether the Protostar or Northstar are great for this task due to the smooth finish, where-as the Gnarwal, with whatever surface treatment CLYW does, is fine for grinds. I currently am NOT into grinding and my skill level also reflects this(I’m not there yet, I’m working on it but I have a ways to go)

Don’t underestimate these very affordable plastic yoyos. They are both simply amazing and compete with metals at least twice to three times their price. Plus, sales numbers don’t like, these move off the shelf and into the hands of people who clearly enjoy them.

I love my ProtoStar.

I have tried the NorthStar as well and I think I like the ProtoStar best.

The ProtoStar’s axle comes out fine, I hear that the NorthStar’s doesn’t come out.

The ProtoStar feels solid, just not as solid as the NorthStar.

The ProtoStar can do IRG way easier then the NorthStar (If someone can even pull it off my thumb was too big.).