Protostar, Counter Attack, or Grind Machine

Which ones better? Protostar, Counter Attack, or Grind Machine.
Please only answer if you have or tried all three of these yoyos.

I like the Protostar better than all of your options, although the Grind Machine and the Counter attack aren’t bad for their price!

EDIT: You can’t really go wrong with any of your options but I would choose the Protostar.

I like my protostar the best. My friend has the counter-attack and loves it. The counter-attack also comes with a center-trac bearing. I don’t really remember much about my grind machine. I traded it off.

Protostar far and away, counter attack and grind machine don’t come anywhere near the protostar in any aspect of play. obvious answer here is the protostar.

I haven’t played the CounterAttack. This is just a model I’m not interested in.

I have the PGM and Protostar. For pure performance, Protostar. It’s not even close. The PGM is a great yoyo too, loads of fun and you get to play with stacks, and the shape provides a bit more challenge. But, I’m gonna say Protostar.

Protostar is the best performer.
Counter attack is the best for casual and grinding.
Grind machine… Well it has hub stacks.

this is exactly what I was going to say. So, this.

The counter attack.

SERIOUSLY?!! This thread again? Why does everyone want to know about YYF plastics and which one to get? We get this a million times.

Get a Northstar. Its a classic