grind machine or counter attack?


Counter attack all the way for me it just plays better. ;D

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I’d say counter attack. Though, If you want to get a ProtoStar, you won’t regret it. It play better than my Dv888.

I would get the Grind Machine, but it was really up to me, I would get a ProtoStar. It plays as well as my Genesis and the Primo and the Lunatic and probably as well as a Chaotic.

its depends.
grind machine has hubstack (which i consider a plus point that the counter attack don’t have), counter attack don’t. while counter attack plays more solid that PGM though.

all the grind machine is is basically an 888 but the plastic version. If this yoyo were metal (like the GM2) it would be one of the best, if not, the best yoyos on the market.

a grind machine is not like an 888, not by a long shot! but beware hubstacks are not a life time enjoy ment i have an 888 but i am sure now that i should have gotten a boss you should get the counter attack for more rims wait which stabalizes the yoyo, and the body of the yoyo is better for thumb grinds

stay frosty…