grind machine vs counterattack

whicch is better grind machine or counter attack and are the hubstacks a big deal

The Grind Machine is Better. The Counter Attack is better. Preference.


i mean which do you like better

Why does that matter?

Besides, if someone comes here, sees that I like (insert yoyo here) better, they’ll think, okay (insert yoyo here) is better than (insert yoyo here), I’ll get that. But they may like the other yoyo more.

ok sorry but could you just please answer because i want different point of views thanks

i have an idea:

post the best parts of each yoyo, and the weaker aspects
people who have both yoyos can say what aspect really stood out and what needs improving compared to the yoyo in question.

i dont have either, but as i am writing this, i know that in about an hour, i will be opening up a grind machine w/ hubstacks for my BDay, and then i will edit this post.

the PGM has pretty good feel to it.  the hubstacks are not the greatest, because they do kill the yoyo, just much slower than if you didn’t have them, or maybe there is just a defect, because one stack spins better than the other.  if u think you can help, i dont want to steal this post so:

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thanks if people could start doing that it would be awesome

You know what’s better?

Not posting rephrases of the same question(s) to the forums repeatedly.

First of all, are you talking about the Plastic grind machine or another version?
In my preference I would go with the COunter Attack. They’re both pretty similar since the Counter Attack is a Bi-Metal Bretherin to the PGM. If you’ve narrowed those two down in your preferences, just go with the one that just seems cooler to you.

Hubstacks are pretty cool to play with and experiment with. To some, they aren’t a big deal but then again others have hubstack/z-stach/synergy caps compatibility in their preferences. If you want to try them, i would recommend getting another yoyo that you already own and see if it’s compatible with hubstacks and then just attach that to see if you like it.