Grind Machine?


Is the Grind Machine any good? It looks like a pretty fun yoyo.


Yeah its good get the stackless version if you can. Hubstacks are fun at first but boring later on.

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I dislike it with a passion. (Not to much though) It’s high walls gave me the ba-jeebers. There are better stacked throws out there.


What stacked throws would you suggest?


Wait how much experience do you have?

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What are your preferences/skill level?


I know how to do a bind return and I think I’m fairly experienced.
What are your preferences/skill level?
I like all styles of yo-yoing. I like metal and plastic yoyos. I also like pretty unresponsive yoyos. My favorite yoyos are the DMII and the Surge.

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What’s your price range?


Anything really.


Hubstacks I found boring, but the grind machine can use z stacks which are much more fun to use and when I had a g5 I used them quite frequently with combos

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The Stacked Catalyst is not a bad option either.


Its a good option. I didn’t like the shape of the catalyst though, my friend (forgot his name :P) let me try his, its ok. Pretty good throw I guess. And I tried a grind machine from a local shop, and didn’t lke it and I find hubstacks boring…


If you’re looking for a stackedthrow getthe madhouse epic… It’s epic…


The Duncan momentum seems nice.


Ok, here’s the thing… If you want a competition style yoyo, the grind machine is not for you. If you want a fun pocket yoyo, then pick one up. They can take a beating and are pretty thin so it can fit in your pocket. I reccomend you buy some irpads for it though. Binds are pretty slippy with the thing. I hope this helps!