grind machine

i just ordered a grind machine are they good?

my friend has one. they seem small to me and kinda light, but you can do as much with it as you can with any other yoyo. I especially like the hub-stacks! Its a good yoyo :slight_smile:

Honestly, if you bought it you obviously thought it was good, so no need to ask us, you’re gonna find out soon anyways.

There okay…how ever they come a bit responsive…I also removed the inner weight rings to make it play better…imo

This version is not as good as the metal versions…to me it felt very cheap

thank you and good point shisaki

A good solid throw, if you don’t know how to bind though, Your going to have to learn.

my first yoyo was a green pgm, its a greaty little yoyo. I have gotten a bunch of metals since my grind machine 5 months ago, and I pick it up all the time and throw it. It really is a good little yoyo. Will a $130 dollar metal get you through a longer combo? if you don’t have much of a throw, then a metal makes a world of difference. But this yoyo is smooth, great looking, comfy in your hand, and great to learn on.