Counter Attack Review

Alright, so yesterday I got a package, which is always nice, and this one contained a brand new Yoyofactory Clear plastic with blue rims Counter Attack. The idea behind the engineering of this yoyo has to be the solid metal weight rings that are placed in the rims, giving the yoyo longer spin times. I have to say that in your hand, the yoyo feels nice. It’s based off of the pgm (2 I believe).
It has a wonderful feeling when you throw it: it feels a lot more stable than a lot of plastic yoyos out there. I have had no problems going from my superstar and genesis to this counter attack while working on long tricks. I’ve actually learned white buddha with it, and I can tell that it is going to sharpen up my game with metal yoyos as well. Here is a little bit about the yoyo:

Diameter: 55.5 mm
Width: 41.5 mm
Response System: Medium CBC Pad
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (Center Trac)

The gap is nice, it comes with spacers like on the grind machine. What really blew my mind on this yoyo was the bearing. When it said “center trac”, I was expecting a ring around the bearing like on a transaxle off of a yomega or something. I was wondering how that would do with tricks like gyro flop, where you NEED the string to slide all the way to one side of the bearing. When it came in the mail I realized what it was: it was actually like a KK bearing!!! I didn’t realize that was what the center trac bearing was, which came as a WONDERFUL suprise. Now I have a concave size C bearing that I can throw on some of my other yoyos.

The cbc pad does a good job of maintaining nice tight binds while still being unresponsive. The wide gap (something about it makes it feel wider than the grind machine, I’m not sure if it actually is or not, though) is great for complex tricks without wanting to crawl up the string.

The bearing is a +++++ for me, and I like the weight also. It is capable of nice spin times, it stays balanced pretty well, and its a great yoyo to take with you whereever you go, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around your 130 dollar yoyo. All-in-all its a great throw, but I have to say that there is something that lacks in plastic yoyos when you compare them to their metal brethren. However, this is a great yoyo and like I said, learning all of the hard tricks on one of these makes you even smoother come time to enter some comps when you use your metal.

I would definitely recommend adding this one to your reportiore if your funds are limited, but you are still looking for a nice yoyo.

Glad you got it! :slight_smile:

Cool review man! ;D

Sounds so great… I would really like some pictures. ::slight_smile:

I personally am not all that fond of the counter attack but I am glad you like it

I got it and loved it … but now i am ready to sell it … i really like the CA though … but i just realized that I really want something bigger … so i just got the new breed … and love that too

thanks for the review I’ve been looking for a good review about the C.A.^___^