YYF Lunatic (my favorite yoyo)

Okay i started yoyoing about 5 months ago.People said that i was progressing ever so fast and that i should look into getting a more expensive yoyo(this was around my 2 month mark).So i saved up for a couple weeks and BAAAAAMMM, a Lunatic arrived at my door step.I ran up stars and ripped the box open like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. I got a plain purple color(with the large bearing).

I looked at it and new that this yoyo was for me.It had everything i wanted.Nice shape for grinding,awsome texture, and a really nice decall on the side.The box was nice to.I had a little trouble getting it out but i did eventually.I slapped a string on this baby and…

It slept so long compared to my X-Convict.It was so smooth and i had to try out some grinds,whips,lacerations,suicides,gyros and everything else i could think of at the moment.i used this baby for hours and hours.It performed head over heals compared to my X-Convict.

It was so good for all my longest tricks but at the time i only knew how to bind from a brain twister mount so i looked everywere and found the bind that worked for this yoyo tremendously, The BACK SPIN bind.This worked so great compared to my brain twister mount bind.It was amazing for grinds, finger grinds,palm grinds, arm grinds but it did dissapoint me with thumb grinds.It has a great inner ring for thum grinds(so i thought) but just didnt work out well.But this yoyo still never dissapointed me with speed and even several string layers it wasnt effected.

I love this yoyo and i would reccomend this yoyo to anyone looking to spice up there “arrsenal” of yoyo’s or even just looking for something new.This yoyo failed to dissapoint me with everything except thumb grinds but it still is my main throw.

Diameter: 50.00 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 39.00 mm / 1.54 inches
Gap Width: 4.6 mm / .181 inches
Response System: Large Skinny CBC Pad
Weight: 66.4 grams
Bearing Size: Large YYF SPEC Bearing

EDIT: i dont have this lunatic anymore so i will put up pictures of the lunatic i currently have.

Nice review. Some pics might be nice. How long did it sleep?

Good choice on your name then. Nice review. Actually I’ve tried about 5 different Lunatics and they rock at thumb grinds. My record is 10 seconds and getting it back up, so I don’t know why thumb grinds are bad on that. Also I don’t care about sleep time, but I did this sleeping test a while ago, like 5 months ago and it slept for 3:00.

Good review, I also have this yoyo. I have the one without the fancy design, because I got mine before the small and large bearing versions came out. It is my favorite, too. ;D Once again, great review. :wink: