Yoyofactory LUNATIC review!------------------

This is a review of the new Yoyofactory LUNATIC!





Weight: 67.10

Width: 39.45

Diameter: 50.16

Gap Width: 4.85

Bearing Size: Flat YYF SPEC C-sized (.250 in x .500 in x .187 in)

Stock Response: Yoyofactory Silicone Pad


1st Impressions and Appearance:

My first impression upon seeing the Lunatic (online and then in person) was that it was a smaller Severe and not too much else. That being said, I was very excited to try it since I loved the Severe and love smaller sized yoyo’s. They have a range of 4 colors : Green, Red, Blue, and Purple. Naturally I went with my favorite color green (coincidentally my friend bought a Blue one so we’ll probably end up making Bape colored Lunatic babies :P). I was confident in the smoothness and playability of Yoyofactory metal products and the affordable Fundametal price tag of $69.99 definitely does not repulse the temptation to scoop one up.

I am not a big fan, however, of the logo laser engraving. I thought they could have been a bit more creative with a large flat surface to create a more compelling design than a simple LUNATIC lable and their trademark “Yoyofactory” stamped on there. Of course this does not affect play yet it does alter it’s appeal a bit.

Shape and Guts:

The guts is typical of the new yoyofactory products. It sports a small recess area that comes stock with the white Yoyofactory silicone pads but also can be filled with flowable silicone (my favorite response). It features a large gap of nearly 5mm’s which allows for lots of string wraps while cutting down on snagging. The tapered walls and the fairly large flat rims makes it easy to catch string as well as to snap start without having to fiddle to find a proper edge to grip. It has a stepped inner ring design possibly to increase thumb grindability.

Play and Performance:

Again I was not surprised by the smooth throw and the vibe-free play of the Lunatic. Yoyofactory has a strong reputation of smooth and reliable play. The Lunatic is just another throw that solidifies that rep.

Surprisingly, for 67 grams the Lunatic feels pretty light and fluffy when thrown, probably due to the strong emphasis on rim weight. For this reason the yoyo plays very solidly. It is stable and is not prone to tilting, even without my usual KK replacement of stock bearings :P.

It is also quick. Smooth and fluid on the string while also being quick and maneuverable is a deadly combination for any competitor or just casual thrower alike.

The finish, although not being the perfect grinding surface, is very similar to that of the Severe or Dv888. It does allow for grinds, however, i found the tapered area a little too thin to fit my finger in properly without it grabbing it, making the yoyo turn. For IRG it’s similar. Although it could be that i’m just not good at them, the stepped design of the IRG just did not seem to hold my thumb in any of the grooves and would slip out after about a second and a half or less. For me this is no big deal since I do not exploit the inner ring often and am not a big fan of IRG’s.

Binds are tight even with the stock pads and because of the weight of it, the yoyo rolls up nice and tight and full. So your next throw somewhat “revs” as i like to call it. Not quite as tightly or rev so much as a Buddha King 2 (of course) or DNA/G5, but not as loosely as the C13. Somewhere in between, and it is a comfortable and efficient throw.

And finally the catch. There is something strangely satisfying about catching the Lunatic. Because it has those prominent flat rims it hits the hand smoothly. Another curious thing is that because it has a small diameter, my thumb and sometimes my ring and pinky fingers curl around the sides and feel a bit of the inner ring. Peculiarly enough I enjoy it :slight_smile:


Overall the LUNATIC is a VERY solid throw. Extremely reliable, stable and smooth. Visually diverse with the multiple color choices (and for some, multiple color combinations :coolsmiley:).
I have to add that for me, it isn’t the most exciting or different throw I’ve had, but that was my opinion when i first played with the YYF Superstar as well. I grew to like it, A LOT, and i assume I’ll grow to like this with a couple more weeks of solid play. The Lunatic is bound to definitely be a keeper among my growing wardrobe, if you will, of favorite throws. And with such an affordable price how can you resist! One of the best bangs for your buck on the market today.

Don’t hesitate and grab yours now, before they disappear! They’re so good, you’ll be playing like a LUNATIC (had to do it :P)!


Keep It Up!!!

~gorrilla_yo :wink:

Perfect review, got all things covered!!! But if you have to compare it with the Severe, is there any difference, besides the size?

Well Kumo, you commented on the engravings, so now I expect you to come up with some sick art and laser it on there yourself.

Great review btw.

Thanks! I hope it helped! :).

As far as the Severe-Lunatic comparison goes, the Lunatic plays tighter and more compact and zippy. Not to say that the Severe can’t move around either. However the Severe is more comfortable to catch and easier to finger grind. Although I am not a fan of the Severe caps, but it plays better with them than without.

Lol, I wouldn’t mind shoving a new design into the hub but there’s already the yyf lasering blocking my canvas :stuck_out_tongue:

AHHH, This makes me want one even more!!! ;D Great review too!!!

Excellent review! You really covered all the bases on this one. THESE kinds of reviews are the ones I like to see. Keep 'em coming, I’ll be reading ;D

how do you think this would compare to a hectic cause i heard they r alike

Is the feeling of the lunatic the same as the DV888 in the hand?

Best review I’ve ever read. Keep 'em coming.

When you right such good reviews questions are proned to come! I saw a Dv888 in the picture is the lunatic more “zippy” than the Dv888?

how would you compare it to a dv888 witch do you prefer ?

seems like people are interested in how it compares to the dv888, IN MY OPINION (me not being the author of this review but still wanting to help) I like the lunatic better, but i still love and play with each of them equally, no matter which one you get it will still be great, oh and almost forgot awesome review!

the lunatic have a small or large bearing or have both small and large bearing ???

Excellent review! I even have a Lunatic! :wink: