YYF Lunatic!!!

I just saw pics of the new YYF Lunatic on Ben’s Facebook. It looks like a wider version of the Severe with slightly flatter rims and no caps.

It says shipping to stores next week so hooray!



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Weird shape! ;D

That looks like a Genesis and a Severe mixed together.

Looks like awesome and Smexy mixed together…

I want one soooo bad…

look like a severe little more flatted and the inside like a genesis.

Maybe it’s just because I’m already in a bad mood, but this disappoints me.

YYF, I have tremendous respect for your quality and customer service(especially you, Ben) but what’s with the recycling lately? It seems like you’ve been reciting the same song because people hyped it so you produce another just like it.

Maybe I’m wrong and this will be the most beastly yo-yo I’ve ever played, but…

How much will you think it will be?

Its going to be a fundaMETAL so $60-$70

I know what you mean. I don’t think it was a smart move to come out with more than 10 new yoyos all at one time like this. I applaud their customer service, but it seems like a lot of Genesi (or however you spell it) and Severes have vibe. Also, it seems like the bearings from the Bosses are impossible to get out.

bosses are awesome

Yeah, and their website STILL doesn’t work.

its 50 in Diameter and 39 in width.

It’s a lot smaller in diameter than the Genesis or Severe.

Looks pretty good, a bit similar to other YYF yoyos. I’m not buying it anyways so it’s not really a big deal.

This yoyo has a weird shape not to mention really wide flat rims…

I might just pass

That is one of the ugliest yoyos I have ever seen.

I really want to get one!

why does one rim look wider on the yoyo? i hopeits just me

LOL!!! That’s about the same thing that ran through my head too ;D

Be nice guys - it isn’t even laser engraved yet. :wink:

After talking with Patrick Mitchell today this sounds to be the one FundaMETAL you don’t want to miss.