The YoYoFactory Lunatic - A Review

Enticed by the lure of free goodies and the quest for unique yoyos, I have purchased the YoYoFactory Lunatic. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Diameter: 50mm

Let’s start things off with a picture!

IMO, this thing is gorgeous. The color is a pinkish-purplish-awesomeness hue. The only thing that doesn’t wow me is the laser engraving, but I understand that to keep the price down, cuts have to be made. I’m glad they made the cuts on the laser engraving rather than the play.

Speaking of play, let’s here about it. This thing is great. It’s smooth like all YYF’s, and plays semi-fast on the string. It’s not Mickey fast, but it isn’t a rock on a string either. I wouldn’t call the play floaty either; it feels solid, but fast. As far as grinds go, its good. The finish feels silky on grinds, and it glides over your skin. I love pretty much every aspect of its play. It’s stable, fast but not too fast, and pretty much awesome in every single way.

Now let’s head on to the shape section of the review. This is where it gets interesting. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here ya go:

It’s very angular, but still soft, if that’s possible. The catch zone is very large. The shape does make it a bit unique I would say; it feels like you are using a yoyo that has a much smaller diameter than what you are using. For this reason, I’m glad the yoyo isn’t much wider, or else it would start feeling uncomfortable. Once you get used to it, the shape isn’t unpleasant. It does affect your throws a bit at first, but you get used to it and adjust fine.

As far as the guts go, it’s pretty standard.

C sized bearing, and pad response. BTW, I love the new pads by YYF. They feel exactly like silicone. <3

Overall, this yoyo is a steal. It plays like the top of the line metals, yet retails for less. I would definitely rather have this than other lower end metals for sure. Very well done, YoYoFactory. applauds YYF

Questions, Comments?

It was a great review, but I just suggest posting the actual pictures instead of just the link.

great review! i have one and i love it :stuck_out_tongue: its awesome for its price and the purple is nice and rich