---It's Iron(y)IC isn't it---


Stock Irony JP with Markmont Dragon String. I was blown away how much better the JP is than the GBA Irony. So glad I got my hands on the JP version having allready owned 3 of the GBA. Great yoyo and so so smooth.


I picked one up as well. Absolutely blown away by how good it is!



I’m always blow away by your videos, your amazing. It’s tempting to pick up and irony jp now


Thanks. I hope others feel the same about my yoyoing.

The JP is definitly better than I thought it would be. I knew it would be better than the GBA but it really takes the cake.

(Alex Fairhurst) #5

Better than that Overdrive?


The Overdrive is amazing and the only reason that I would pick the JP over it is that it feels lighter and I love a light floaty feel. Spin times for both along with stability are insane.


I think they are pretty even. I felt the JP is a tiny bit at a disadvantage on horizontals, but but has the edge for grinding. For some reason I feel the JP is heavy…maybe it’s just that it is the only thing I’ve played for a week… I love them both, my two favorite competition yoyos I’ve ever played, but the Overdrive is barely above the JP overall I believe. That being said the JP is around half the price of the Overdrive. Better value.