Overdrive draupnir, inevitable


Has anyone tried overdrive draupnir and inevitable, and maybe can share their thoughts? Or maybe compare to a draupnir?



Are these all YYR? I’ve never really heard of the Overdrive or Inevitable?


(Victor) #3

I have the Overdrive Draupnir, and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing that it can’t really handle, and when it comes to horizontal play, it’s simply phenomenal. If you like the Draupnir, you’ll definitely like this. It feels slightly heavier, but I think that gives it more character. My only problem with the Draupnir was that it felt a little, well… “generic.” The Overdrive doesn’t. It’s fast, easy to catch, and remarkably stable. You actually have to try to make it tilt. Whenever I go from an organic to the Overdrive, I feel like I’m putting the training wheels back on. But that’s not to say that i don’t like organics. I’m simply saying that every yo-yo can be unique in it’s own way. Yet when it comes to performance, organics usually can’t compete with certain other shapes.



Yes. They’re new signatures from ryota ogi and arata imai



Is it as fast as draupnir? Haha


(Victor) #6

It certainly feels that way, but I’m not the fastest player around, so I can’t be entirely sure. I actually think it might even be better than the Draupnir overall, but it might just be the honeymoon period.

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Can you post pics of your Overdrive Draupnir? The official YYR store pics are so artsy and shrouded in mysterious shadow that I can’t see the dang yo-yo! :roll_eyes:

Here’s their pics of the Inevitable for example, I tried to gamma correct them to make them more visible…

image image


(Ken) #8

i think the inevitable has a translucent body.



Overdrive Draupnir caught my eye as well. I know they’re completely different aside from specs but the original Overdrive was my favorite YYR to play with

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(Victor) #10

Sure, but I don’t know if mine will be any better. I don’t really have a good camera, and the lighting is terrible in my room.


(Jonathan Lee) #11

I got the overdrive before regular draupnir. Overdrive is way better imo, feels like it’s got a better weight distribution. Larger diameter is a personal preference but I like it better.
I sent mine to Brandon Vu, not sure if he’ll be doing a review soon - from what I’ve heard he likes it too



Stats wise, let’s see. Draupnir vs Overdrive Draupnir.

draup over
Diameter 57.0 57.9
Width 43.4 44.0
Weight 63.5 64.7

A tiny bit bigger and heavier. This says nothing about the weight distribution though. Looking at profile pics…

The steel bits are larger and wider, so more of the weight is in the rims.

If you superimpose one over the other, you can see the extra bimetal rim width, and the cup angles are steeper as well.


What did you get in the mail this week?

it’s cheaper then the og too



OK! I traded away my original Draupnir about two months ago, so my impressions of it will be old. But this is an “as expected” to me, the Overdrive has a cubic buttload of rim weight (that’s a metric unit of measure in case you were curious) so it plays like a powerhouse. It reminds me a bit of the Edge Beyond but in a more traditional shape.


(Pantheon Throws) #15

still waiting for a review of the inevitable to show up though… it’s one of my favourite shapes on the market right now.

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It could be really good, the Anomaly is one of my favorites with that hybrid organic and W shape. The Inevitable is kinda similar… let’s see

I have to say I do think the newer YYR models are in fact better than the old ones. I’m thinking of getting rid of my Valkyrie and Sigtyr in favor of these new designs…

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oh man I want an Anomaly now. I love the Sputnik but I’ve always wanted it to be full-sized

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I seriously doubt that ‘awesomer’ is a word’.

But for the following comment; let me make an exception.

The Inevitable is Awesome.

The Overdrive Draupnir is Awesomer.

Both are easily better than the Draupnir. But that is in no way; throwing shade on the Draupnir. It is a very good yoyo. It should be pretty easy to accept the probability that Yoyorecreation can develop better designs as time goes by.

They knew they hit a home run when they made the Draupnir. Now they are just trying to hit the ball into the upper deck; so to speak.