New Yoyorecreation OVERDRIVE DRAUPNIR, INEVITABLE, & Supercell Restock!



After five years, the Overdrive signature model of Ryota Ogi is back as a brand new bi-metal design. The Overdrive Draupnir!

When Yoyorecreation decided to redesign the Overdrive for the modern competitive scene their goal was to keep the essence of the original while mixing in elements from the Draupnir and Sigtyr which Ogi has used in recent events. They utilized a bi-metal design with a larger diameter to maximize spin power, but kept it compact enough so it wouldn’t be a hindrance in tight tech tricks. The overhanging steel rim creates the perfect weight distribution to give the Overdrive Draupnir a floaty and controllable feel without sacrificing any of the essential power.

The Overdrive Draupnir is an impressive performer that any competitive thrower will appreciate. It pays homage to the original Ryota Ogi Overdrive while lifting the Draupnir to new heights!


As one of most noteworthy yo-yo players around, it was only inevitable that Yoyorecreation would design a new signature yo-yo for Arata Imai - And the name is very fitting. This is the Yoyorecreation Inevitable!

The shape of the Inevitable was reached after having countless discussions with Arata to fully bring his vision for his signature yo-yo to life. He’s known for some of the most diverse and difficult tricks so they needed a yo-yo that could really keep up! The Inevitable is a bimetal design with a curved body and flared out rims. It excels at high speed tricks, is compact enough for intricate tech, and has a powerful spin to get through your longest combos!

Making the Inevitable yo-yo with Arata Imai, who has such extraordinary commitment to yo-yo, was like redefining a new standard of design according to Yoyorecreation. With a statement like that, this a yo-yo that should be on every throwers short list!



I need a Draupnir now that I traded mine away but man… green with black rims? :nauseated_face:

Inevitable color scheme is very cool though :wink:

(Victorian YoYos) #3

It’s kinda cool, never seen the combination before. Also think mint chocolate ice cream

(InvaderDust) #4

I see a teal with Blurple rims…


Yeah, rim color is a little off in the large image. The rims are black. Body is a greenish blueish color that seems to change in different lighting.

(Victor) #6

Anyone who likes how the Draupnir plays will/should love the Overdrive. And the price is much more budget friendly. I can’t speak for the Inevitable, but I’ve heard great things. I’ll be picking one of those up at some point as well. The black on red is absolutely stunning.


(But it’s still as expensive as the Wanker and probably more expensive than the Ti-Vayder, shhhhhhh


That overdrive draupnir…

It’s been nearly a decade. Maybe I’ll buy a yoyo…

(Victorian YoYos) #9



yoyorec is killing it with designs