Werrd irony jp vs yoyorecreation ( help plz :p )

Finally! The blue!
I have last year’s pre-release Irony JP and it’s a great throw. Very stable, spins long.
Yet to compare it to a Sleipnir.

I’m waiting on an 86400 myself and having played one it’s absolutely great, especially for the price, but the Fruiture is on a whole other level, it’s just amazing I don’t have the werrds ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) to describe it but at $130 I can’t justify it for myself yet (I’m just not good enough), but when I get a little better I’m going to be all over that thing.

Not a fan of the Minute myself but it’s not BAD by any means, and also not I’m not very good :stuck_out_tongue: so that probably has a lot to do with it, but the Pacquico of a similar size I LOVED, so I’ll have to get one of them too eventually.

there’s just too much awesome stuff that Werrd does, every time I start looking at their throws I can feel my wallet shaking in fear in my back pocket :stuck_out_tongue: