Valor vs Prestige


Wondering which one you guys think will be better for me.
I like finger spins, horizontal, am not completely into speed play, but do have several speedy combos, like to be able to reject fairly easily, and like grinds.

Based on the above, which one would better suit me?


Pick the one you like the look of better.

The Valor is somewhat better for fingerspins unless you learn to nail landing on that tiny dimple of the Prestige. Prestige can fingerspin in the area outside the raised dimple area, but it does get in the way a little bit more.

Valor is slightly more rim-weighted, which assists horizontal… but not by much. Not enough that it should be the main thing informing your decision.

Prestige has a blast finish option. Mine is blasted, and grinds are great. Prestige with its pyramatte can finger grind fine, but palm grinds stall out very quickly.

Both have response set to the “sweet spot” IMO. Both benefit from a concave bearing IMO (and Vilmos uses one in his Valor).

Really, just pick the one that you like the look of more. Both are excellent yoyos. If you applied torque to my appendages to force me to pick one, I would pick the Valor.


Any other thoughts?
And thank you Greg for the very detailed desc of both :slight_smile:
I’m a little in favor of the prestige now