Valor or Space Cowboy?

I’m planning on buying a new throw. The Valor has gotten excellent reviews, but I find the bi metal space cowboy much more interesting, I just don’t know much about it. I was wondering which should I buy?

Both are the top yoyos from each company respectively

That said the 7075 updated summit is on it’s way

Anything you get will not disappoint

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Valor yep valor

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I’ve owned both. They’re so similar for play characteristics that you should get the one you like the looks of better. Seriously, though… feel on catch is different, feel on string is the same. Bind is different with the Cowboy having a wider gap.

I ended up liking the Valor marginally better, but mainly because of the gap.

The Cowboy will do finger grinds better, having an awesome grind surface. But the Valor’s pyramatte can still get the job done if you’re not insanely into grinds.

Flip a coin.

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Thanks for the advice but it’s so hard to pick

Easy solution: get both. :wink:

But seriously. “I like the way this one looks” is really going to be the easiest way to choose here. If you like the looks of both then I don’t know what to say. My coin flip tells me Valor. :wink:

Valor. Space Cowboy is a smooth monster, but the Valor just seems to be more even and play better for some reason.

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