Bonfire or Space Cowboy?

Hello there. Well I have a dilemma, I want a new throw and have narrowed it down to two. The Space Cowboy and CLYW Bonfire. See I’m afraid that the Space Cowboy will be too similar to the Valor which I already own. But the Bonfire I’m just not sure on. Which would you suggest, I prefer faster, stable throws but I’d like something with a bit of float. And I’d like something that grinds well. Thanks.

Bonfire is the king of float


It seems that the Bonfire would be the perfect choice for you based on what you’re looking for.


From what you’ve said you like I’d highly suggest the Bonfire.


Valor and the Space Cowboy play very differently. Even so, you should get the Bonfire. You won’t regret it.



I own both; they’re complete opposites but both amazing.

Space Cowboy and Valor do not play completely differently in my experience. :wink: Goes to show how subjective that kind of evaluation is! One person honestly believes they’re quite different and the other person honestly believes they play quite similarly.

On the other hand, I THRIVE on trying yoyos that are rather different. So if your scope ranges from Werrd Pacquiao through H5xChief, Valor and Cowboy are going to be relatively close in play.

If your scope ranges from Chief to Supernova, they are going to seem relatively different.

My advice is to get the Bonfire if you want something different, though. No matter what, everyone would have to agree that the Bonfire plays MORE differently from the Valor, between the two you are evaluating.

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